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UV curing machine SK-203-500

UV curing machine SK-203-500

Product description: Product function:
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(Note: all UV machine can according to customer requirements with non-standard customized, welcome to negotiate CONSULTATION!)


Product introduction

technical parameter Product function
  • UV lamp: 2KW*1PCS
  • Light emitting body(Effective radiation width):20mm
  • UV Distance from light transmission belt can be adjusted:0-120mm
  • UV lamp power density:100W/CM
  • UVLight intensity can be adjusted: 100%;
  • Reflecting cover: Aluminum reflector with built-in reflective aluminum reflector, high efficiency, long service life;
  • Conveyor belt width:200mm;
  • Conveyor belt material:Teflon mesh belt
  • Conveying speed:1-10m Stepless adjustable
  • Cooling mode: air cooling
  • Appearance: white and black grey with computer
  • Power:220VAC  50HZ
  • Application: This equipment is suitable for the electric UV UV UV ink, glue, UV coating experimental models;
    Plastic products, electronic products, toys industry, printing industry and other UV light curing equipment。
  • Sankun Technology Shenzhen standard off the shelf UV machine configuration standardization, stable performance, high price, perennial spot; for you to save manufacturing time, carefully designed, the intentions of services; 2KW*1 group of lights 201
  • Optional configuration, can be customized according to customer demand


Outer dimension(Length*width*high)mm

Length of feeding zone

Length of discharge zone

Conveyor belt width

UV lamp power







Remarks:(All the machine can according to customer requirements with non-standard customized, welcome to negotiate CONSULTATION!)

Control system matching
Common button control interface
UV lamp matching
Domestic UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp etc.) Imported UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp, etc.)
Transformer selection (not detailed, welcome to inquire)
Copper wire aluminum steel
Conveyor belt selection

Stainless steel mesh belt


Roller conveyor

PCB special conveyor chain

Roller conveyor

PVC conveyor belt

Non-standard custom delivery system

Cooling system matching

Air cooling