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Self-adhesive trademark printing machine machine SK-136-300

Self-adhesive trademark printing machine machine SK-136-300

Commodity Description  

technical parameter:   Product function :
  • Power requirements: three-phase five wire 50HZ (power frequency AC) 380VAC (Hz)
  • Whole power: about 4.5KW (kw)
    Overall size: 500 L (long) * 570W (W) * 1250H (high) mm
  • Sync speed: m/min 0.1-50 (M / min)
  • Radiation width: 250mm (mm)
  • Cooling: forced air cooling
  • Light source: high pressure mercury lamp type Hg
  • Lamp power: 144W/cm,
  • Light source configuration: 3.6kw /1。
  • Light source life: an average of more than 600 (H) hours。
  • Peak wavelength: 365nm (nm)
  • Power adjustment: 100% 75%
  • Typical features: aluminum reflector
  • Typical applications: ultraviolet (UV) ink, on the cure, to adapt to the requirements of non - explosive environment.
  • Scope of application: ultraviolet (UV) ink and UV glazing oil curing printing machine UV system, and self-adhesive trademark printing machine synchronization, set to accept printing machine stop signal, can make a rapid response, in a closed shutter shade, the machine will automatically start energy-saving mode, select the lowest power output, managed to avoid due to the signal received is not sensitive to print damage. The overall design is compact, easy to operate, is trademark machine finishing supporting GM models。
  • 1 have versatility, multi function, UV unit (light box) part can be disassembled and installed on the printing machine, the process is mature, the performance is stable.
    . built-in cabinet capable of launching glass insulation effect is 3. The import and export are equipped with paper positioning device, the positioning device at the discretion of the adjustable, no power roller and roller to ensure that out of the paper without offset
    4 when the press work, the shutter open, UV lights in the open state, when the power of the lamp is 100%, when the printing machine stops, the shutter is closed, UV light is in the open state, but the power of the lamp automatically adjusted to 50%
    5 single set UV lamp configuration, focusing type reflector configuration, to ensure the uniformity of light.
    6.UV light can be manually or automatically choose the strength of light two files (75%, 100%), while the use of quartz glass filter infrared, to ensure that the curing temperature.
    . electric shutter, manual and automatic control, direct connection press signal interface, avoid midway shutdown caused by workpiece burn phenomenon.
    8 standardized design, easy to clean the UV lamp and reflector and UV lamp replacement, easy to maintain
    9 the main components of the standard configuration, to ensure stable performance.
    Optional configuration, can be customized according to customer demand

(Note: all UV machine can according to customer requirements with non-standard customized, welcome to negotiate CONSULTATION!)