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UV paper UV glazing, UV ice wrinkles with SK-206-650

UV paper UV glazing, UV ice wrinkles with SK-206-650
UV wrinkle effect

Commodity Description  

technical parameter Product function:
  • The UV lamp power: 6.0KW*2 (UV lamp)
    Total length of UV lamp: 930mm arc length: 800mm
    UV band main wave crest: 365nm
    A UV configuration
    Strong and weak light regulation: 50%, 100%
    Sheet metal lamp box installation imported insert reflector
    The exhaust system
    Material: Teflon mesh belt conveyor
    Conveyor belt width: 650mm
    Conveying speed: 0-8m/min
    Inlet height: 100mm
    Power supply: 50HZ 380VAC
    Wrinkle lamp power: 30W*5
    Wrinkle lamp main wave crest: 254nm
    Wrinkle lamp length: 893nm
    Entrance height 100mm
    Power supply: 50HZ 220VAC
  • UV glazing is a technical term in the printing industry, mainly is refers to the printing products late, called print seemed to be attached to a layer of "oil", so called "oil", not fried mean oh! UV glazing is UV glazing. It is with special UV paint to precision, evenly coated in print or local area, ultraviolet irradiation, at breakneck speed stem bath hardening and, for \ package cover, referred to as: polishing bright. UV glazing material after the surface of the light, but more brittle, prone to cracks! Very good quality light oil glazing, Bimei film. General export commodities, not to be covered with plastic film, so UV varnish, is a very suitable treatment method.
    Optional configuration, can be customized according to customer demand


Outer dimension(Length*width*high)mm

Length of feeding zone

   Length of discharge zone


Conveyor belt width

UV lamp power







Remarks:(All the machine can according to customer requirements with non-standard customized, welcome to negotiate CONSULTATION!)

Control system matching
Common button control interface
UV lamp matching
Domestic UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp etc.) Imported UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp, etc.)
Transformer selection (not detailed, welcome to inquire)
Copper wire aluminum steel
Conveyor belt selection

Stainless steel mesh belt


Roller conveyor

PCB special conveyor chain

Roller conveyor

PVC conveyor belt

Non-standard custom delivery system

Cooling system matching

Air cooling