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High power UV special transformer factory

Sankun technology of high power electronic transformer, special transformer, UV electronic transformer manufacturers

  Professional electronic transformer R & D team, for your saving 30%, Shenzhen power electronic transformer, UV machine professional transformer, electronic transformer manufacturer to science as a benchmark, for you to create a better product.
Product features:

1 to adapt to a wide range of
  This product allows input voltage fluctuation range can reach 20%, can meet the power grid quality difference, voltage fluctuation range of equipment and place use.

2 easy to operate
  With manual, automatic two control methods, in addition to the automatic adjustment of the machine voltage, and can manually adjust the boost, buck. Clear clear the voltmeter, the ammeter shows let users can be clear at a glance understanding of load and the output of the regulator.

3 low loss, high efficiency
  Using imported high magnetic Cambodian silicon steel sheet, low loss of high quality silicon steel sheet and ample wire cross-sectional area, no-load loss and load loss is reduced to the lowest degree.

4 protection function
  This machine is equipped with overpressure protection function to ensure the safety operation of the voltage stabilizer and load. When the above situation, this machine and then automatically cut off the output power and alarm sound. To avoid the impact of the moment of high pressure and damage to the machine.

5 fast response
  The high sensitivity of the reaction, can immediately obtain the voltage change signal, automatic adjustment, no waveform distortion.