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The difference between UV glue and ordinary rubber

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The difference between UV glue and ordinary rubber

  UV glue consists of base resin, active monomers, light initiator, etc. The main distribution to stabilizing agent, crosslinking agent, occasionally even agent additive composition and so on. Its under the UV light of appropriate wavelength, light initiator fast born free agent or ion, causing the base resin and reactive monomer polymerization couplet network structure, so as to achieve adhesive bonding material.
  At this point we still don't quite understand, why the UV glue will be better than ordinary rubber, now I'll tell everyone what advantage UV glue, relatively speaking these advantages is no ordinary rubber.

A, environmental security:
1, no VOC volatiles, air pollution to the environment.
2, adhesive composition in environmental laws restricting or banning of less;
3, without solvent, low flammability;

B, economy:
1, curing speed, a few seconds to tens of seconds to complete curing, automatic production lines and improve labor productivity;
2, after curing for testing and handling, save space.
3, room temperature curing, save energy, such as the production of 1 g of uv curing pressure sensitive adhesive energy needed for only 1% of the corresponding water-based adhesive, 4% of the solvent adhesive. Can be used to should not be high temperature curing materials, the energy dissipations of the uv-curable compared with thermosetting resin can save 90% energy consumption;
4, curing equipment is simple, only lamps and lanterns or conveyor belt, save space;
5, a single set of subsystem, no mixing, easy to use;

C, compatibility:
1, for the temperature, solvent and humidity sensitive materials can be used;
2, control, curing, waiting time can be adjusted, can adjust the curing degree;
3, can be repeated sizing curing many times;
4, uv lamp can be easily installed in the existing production line, without major changes;

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