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Introduction to UV frosted ink formula design experience

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Introduction to UV frosted ink formula design experience
  A drip, UV frosted ink formula design experience
  In general, UV frosted ink small batch printing, basic won't appear serious printing problems, but with a general mobile printing machine, high-speed production in large quantities can be a problem. Thousands or tens of thousands of protracted war such as printing, UV frosted ink cannot be completely dense to auxiliary show on the screen, causing uniform grinding condition; UV frosted ink is too thin or compatibility is bad, lead to running, grinning. To solve this problem, first of all to pay attention to three points in UV frosted ink formulation, one is to ensure that the UV frosted ink has good thixotropy, still relatively thick, when printing is relatively loose; The second is to ensure the UV frosted ink has appropriate sex, is suitable for silk screen emphatically; Three is to ensure that the UV frosted ink have appropriate loose consistency.
  B, UV frosted ink quality of raw materials
  Mass printing UV frosted ink residue from time to tome, this is a headache for many printing factory problem, because a lot of residue not only increase the cost of the printing factory, but also seriously affected the production efficiency. So when designing the UV frosted ink, must be carried out on the raw materials used in inspecting. One is to ensure that raw material particle size corresponds to a number of wire mesh. The second is to ensure that raw materials compatibility is good, not happen chemical reaction, and have good printing, net rate is high; Three is to save as required (cool, sealed, avoid light) and under the condition of normal (20 to 26 ℃) printing, do not produce dark reaction, even the smallest gel or photosensitive reagent, also to cause a decline in printing eligibility, net rate reduced.
  C, UV frosted ink composition of raw materials
  Some printing factories to reduce costs will use some of the gold quality is relatively poor, silver cardboard, is prone to UV grind arenaceous gold ink dissolved gold card paper, serious when even dissolve all the gold, make the whole under the white printing. Then, have overcome this kind of problem, when designing the UV frosted ink formula, we must fully consider the composition of raw materials, to ensure that the molecular weight and molecular weight of small composition proportion, unapt let the impression of small molecular weight substances dissolve the gold card. Reduce exposure, of course, shorten the printing quality from the printing to the curing time, to overcome print white will have better effect.
  D, UV frosted ink drying problem
  Due to the printing factory use different UV lamp, power is different, have different printing speed, so may cause using the same kind of UV frosted ink, in a factory, curing and curing, in another factory photosensitizer remain too much. Curing opaque reverses, photosensitizer remain too few can aggravate the printed matter, therefore, have very strong pertinence to UV frosted ink formulation, must fully understand the printing factory machinery and equipment, UV lamp quantity, power, printing speed, etc. Then according to the actual situation, on the one hand, to ensure that the appropriate drying speed, do residue small as far as possible; In addition, although use without odour photosensitizer, can ensure that UV frosted ink cured basic no smell, and not against.
In a word, in the design of UV frosted ink. Must fully understand the UV frosted ink in the performance of all kinds of materials, the compatibility and stability, printing adaptability comprehensively and accurately, after repeated experiments and trial and error and to improve, to make UV frosted ink composition more accord with the requirement of printing factory.