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Keep the UV lamp life skills

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Keep the UV lamp life skills
Avoid light too frequently
  The first thing to avoid too often is the lamp of the cold start. When a bulb light beginning, internal voltage is very low. On both ends of the electrodes in this period of time will emit tungsten, this will make many dot pollutants inside the tubes, one of the reasons for the premature failure become tubes. So, should be under the condition of high voltage lighting, lamps and shorten time. Too often lamps can also lead to early to black on both ends of the tube, gradually affect the lamp body will turn black, finally lead to a drop tube power output. Because of these reasons, we suggest that in any case, a light as far as possible to finish all the work.
Ensuring successful running of reflector and the cooling system
  In order to keep the tubes and the machine's maximum power, should always check whether the reflector of the machine is clean, whether the deformation because of radiant heat tube, and should be replaced periodically reflector. Blocking filter and accumulation in the leaves of the blower fan dirt block the flow and reduce the cooling effect of the wind. But if the lamp working temperature overheating, will reduce working voltage and the output power. So should be regular replacement filter and cleaning fan blades, which not only can effectively improve the cooling environment, and can prevent the tubes prolapse. Sometimes tubes already sagging in without being noticed, so regular round tubes will be conducive to maintaining tube shape.

Carefully install lamp
  In order to extend the lamp life, should be careful to follow the O.E.M. installation instructions. For example, should be avoided with finger grease on the tube. Installation personnel application paper towel clean or wearing gloves. We also recommend using alcohol to wipe the tube surface to keep it clean. Ensure that tube and machine compact connection at both ends and no corrosion is also very important. If the machine is designed to use spring set to install the lamp, (for example Hanovia type), you must ensure that the shape of the spring set of good, spring tension moderately and tube surface clean. During the running of the machine, tube heat could make the reflector, shorten or bent, so can't install the lamp too loose or too tight, so that the reflectors changes affect the light tube, to the cause of tube rupture. If no lead terminal on both ends of the tube, when installation should be more careful.
  If the machine is to use the metal clip device connected to the tube, so shall ensure that the connection of a tight and clean. Usually, most of the machines will allow some telescopic room for such a device. Obviously, if the machine is to use spring tube clamp device, it must ensure the spring piece good elasticity. But most of the time using the device types of lamp belong to small exposure lamp, that also will not involve the issue of expansion deformation.

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