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UV machine should pay attention to when using the eight item

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UV machine should pay attention to when using the eight items

  With the industrial progress, the traditional production mode have already can't meet the production requirements, enterprises based on the principle of saving, high efficiency, the use of high technology content of machinery and equipment to reduce production cost, has become a new trend of enterprise competition. Knowledge of relevant equipment considerations for the life of the machine to a certain extend, also can ensure the machine normal and efficient operation. Below is it under the UV machine should be paid attention to when using the eight items:
  1. Before the UV machine production operations shall equip the machine with stabilizer and other related voltage control equipment, in order to improve the machine stable, long-term operation.
  2. Check whether earth wire grounding well before the boot, in all aspects of the power switches are in good condition.
  3. When changing a UV lamp, please make sure UV mechanical and electrical source is closed, the need to stay a few minutes after the power was turned off, waiting for the tube temperature lower again by using the conversion operator. Do not touch the lamp in the conversion operation, cause a birthmark on the uv lamp in case that affects the luminous efficiency, must wear clean gloves to tear open outfit.
  4. Close to restart immediately after uv lamp, uv lamp light is not normal phenomenon, after uv lamp cooling can be lit again.
  5. The fan operation is not normal, it shall immediately stop using, so as to avoid burning the UV lamp.
  6. To prevent premature aging UV lamp, don't immediately after close the UV machine to cut off the main switch power supply, must wait for the UV machine automatic shutdown and then cut off the total power.
  7. When the roll in the process of turning slightly beats, please close screw tightening will drive roller at both ends.
  8. When the UV machine serious fault occurs, please promptly notify the manufacturer or distributor, not open the case, in order to prevent accidents.

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