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Know the common sense of ultraviolet uv curing machine

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  Generally speaking, generally ultraviolet uv curing machine has the following basic characteristics and functions:

  (a), features: beautiful shape, small volume, light weight, save a space, widely applicable and reliable quality, the use of safe, easy to operate. Choose good uv light solid machine will have to choose a good uv light solid factory house, so that quality is guaranteed, special furniture factory is a professional manufacturer of uv light solid machine and other various types of light solid machine, and uv light solid machine price is cheap.

  Circuit board uv curing machine adopts imported hard fluorine long wangdai, frequency control of motor speed, smooth conveying speed is adjustable; Circuit board cooling for UV curing machine: lampshade with aluminum coating inside cold mirror, bottom add coating quartz glass lampshade (96% and 96% UV blocking infrared).

(b), application: uv machine is widely used in screen printing, mobile phone shell, membrane switch, electronic plastic shell surface of uv coating products; Circuit board components, glass glue, electronic components, liquid crystal plates, terminal glue sealing adhesive glue, plastic components, mobile phone components and LCD, optical lens, magnetic micro motor, mobile phone receiver, mobile phone battery components, printer and computer precision components and other precision products UV gel and UV curing ink; IMD injection molding products of UV curing, etc.

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