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The best UV light solid machine manufacturing enterprises

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The best UV light solid machine manufacturing enterprises

    Shenzhen sankun technology is a focus on research and development, professional production ultraviolet UV light solid machine equipment's enterprise, our factory adhering to the dedicated, professional, the good faith management principle, after eight years of exploration, innovation, has been a leader in the industry in the UV machine. Our products are mainly applied in electronics, furniture, hardware, medical, automotive and other from various fields. Especially in recent years the development of UV light solid machine production equipment adopted by many enterprises at home and abroad, and to reflect good. As a result, our factory are all known as "shenzhen the most excellent UV light solid machine production enterprise".

    Only half a year since 6 by the production company shenzhen science and technology of three generations and the UV light solid machine sells in distant markets domestic and foreign countries, when all the guests at home and abroad came to shenzhen three generations and technology, has once again proven global marketing model has entered a new starting point, for sankun science and technology, the global marketing laid a good foundation. When the guest carefully looked at the our factory production of a full range of UV light solid machine equipment and other equipment, the guest to our factory production of UV light solid machine, coating machine, UV machine, UV equipment, UV curing machine, UV lamp, etc. The quality of the products. Then the scene required test our UV light solid machine. Assembly test when the guest use our factory just finished debugging good UV light solid machine equipment to do test, the experiment in the choice of sheet was brought by the guests, after spray UV paint, to the conveyor belt is put in the UV light solid machine, when the conveyor belt of the test plate after cold light exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, speeding up the plank on the UV paint curing, from experiment to curing complete only for a few seconds, in a sense the time is the capacity of the enterprise, the shorter the curing time to improve business productivity has important significance. After many tests our UV light solid machine, guest finally reveal the happy smile, on the spot clappers order.