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UV inkjet printing to UV digital printing add a bright color

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UV inkjet printing for UV digital printing new add a bright color

  Since the 1990 s, large format inkjet printing skills because of its disadvantage in print color, print media compatibility, and manipulated by throughout the review, advertising, said, map printing and printing, etc. At the same time, the continuation of ink-jet printing pieces because also have variable data printing, high-speed printing and so on was in the interests of the manipulation in short version, such as the variable pattern printing, such as labels, bar code, CARDS, and is satisfied with the difference between the on-demand newspaper readers need. Large format inkjet printer is in the POP/POS, outdoor advertising, interior decoration, indoor outdoor signage, large markets such as art become a vital force or undertake the square silk screen printing. Or, perhaps, ink-jet printing category in full for the digital printing also added a bright color.

  "Authoritative" viewpoint in current very invited inkjet printing fragmentary providers on behalf of: "angel's one reason Wang Xiang gen teacher professional commercial machine, Canon (China) company Marketing Department deputy counsel business review one reason Matsumoto medium teacher and epson (China) limit TP company selling products to promote the image responsible competent Liang Jian teacher, to cooperate to explore inkjet printing fragmentary skills and market development.

     Title 1: what are your company inkjet printing equipment secondary model? What is the market positioning separation of these goods?

      Wang Xiang gen teacher: before answering this title, I want to do 1 point to clarify: I know, in November 2005, HP announced a full takeover angel (Scitex), acquisition integration obligations according to the regional distribution of victory, the angel in the Asia Pacific region (including China) will be in six years May 1, 200 formally incorporated into HP, that is to say from the beginning on May 1, let's is the HP's employees. After the angels into HP, attached to the HP print imaging and labor group (interpublic), let's internal call IID ink-jet printing marks (property). When it comes to inkjet printing equipment, I trust to buy the angel after HP is now inkjet products the most complete one in the company. Or theory is a home, office, trade, remains the same property for labor, and everything, every 1 item and skills and walk in the forefront of the industry. I here only a few lay particular stress on introducing the HP Scitex secondary inkjet printing equipment.

      HP Scitex inkjet printing equipment short-long often in property right of labor, wide or ultra wide printing equipment. Specifically, HP Scitex currently has the following four kinds of products.

      1. Direct printing on corrugated paper board and other hard materials, is very appropriate to the shorter version of the packaging, large size POP exhibition shows wide flat ink-jet printer six 700 - HP Scitex FB (formerly known as CORjet Premium), the equipment into the environmental protection and waterproof wear-resisting of water-based ink, or say it's the only 1 right now.

      2. Direct printing on a variety of flexible and rigid material large format UV flat-panel digital printing machine six 300 - HP Scitex FB (formerly known as VEEjet +), very appropriate to create various personalized said brand, logo and signage, applicable medium 4 cm thick.

      3. is currently the fastest, the highest ratio of drum wide digital printers, HP Scitex TJ8300 (formerly known as TURBOjet), leaflet printing size 1 6 six 6 cm, 3 cm x 3 fastest printing speed is 400 square meters/hour, body advertising, is to build a shelter light boxes, posters advertising the best resolution. This equipment is for large screen printing enterprise provides the most consistent complementary management practice counsel.

      4. Really appropriate to build high-grade double-sided printing in lighting, realize the large screen without stitching, and multi-volume material and printing of high precision, fast and super wide spray painting machine - HP Scitex XL1500 (formerly known as XLjet Premium).

      Matsumoto and dielectric teacher: Canon large-format inkjet printing spare secondary two product, four kinds of models: 1 is W8400, width of 44 inches (B0 +), the other is 1 W 6, 400, 24 inches wide (A1 +); According to the difference of ink is divided into two product models and dye ink pigment ink.

      Conditions 1, W8400 pigment ink type secondary market for digital proofing, W8400 model dye inks for printing core, on-demand printing market; Six 400 W pigment ink machine needle more market, rare is a wedding photo; Six 400 W dye ink models for POP, posters in the market. These markets have been basically covers the manipulation of large-format inkjet printing category at the moment.
      Liang Jian teacher: epson company inkjet printing equipment belong to large format inkjet printer. Species, according to the secondary level to leave all those 4 series, split, fully open, the secondary market is aimed at printing, review category. In 2002, seven color inkjet printers, epson company launched in 2005, 8 color inkjet printers, secondary categories for images. The rest in 2005, Epson company also format proofing market for 4 color inkjet printers, Epson Stylus Pro 9 seconds to print a 7400/9400 split input speed or completely satisfied customers call. The rest, in the company of licensed nozzle skills 1, epson and at the same time in the property type category and many help partners jointly providing management consultation.

      Title 2: and the rest of the similar products, what do you think your inkjet printing equipment minor disadvantage and what is natural instinct?

      Wang Xiang gen teacher: mastering the angel knows that the angel is not in the research and development and product printing skills very well market orientation to lose 1 companies. Do theory in the past after printing, spraying equipment, remains the same in today's large format inkjet printing equipment, always walk in the forefront of the industry. In other words, the angel can always lost lead the market in different period or the most fit the market difference model products and skills. In the present, for example, the outdoor advertising market growing personalized, diversified, and timeliness, call on more and more high character and innovation, environmental protection, calling on more and more cruel, under the situation of the angel is introduced to different category, satisfied printing building equipment and skills are needed for difference. Customers or the market category, according to the best of my steward, determined to difference model of the equipment. Asked me if the angel equipment what are the disadvantages and natural instinct, I think besides I have talked about indirect, or also use 1 words say so, that is: has the angel skills and equipment customer today or do others can live better, also can do a lot of people can't live.

      Matsumoto and dielectric teacher: 1 situation, between the screening rate and speed of the printer is proportional to the, namely screening rate is higher, the slower speed; The faster the speed, screening rate is lower. To is in a lot of time, you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk. It is also a trouble fast printing industry 1 title. If print 1 copy of high quality products need 1 hour, then quick printing shop business will be affected by tension, depression labor rate, so much also helpless. Canon products find a good balance between quality and speed, in high speed under the condition of deadlock, the printing character raised the level 1; Also, under the condition of guarantee the printing character, let's speed also promoted the level 1. This is our biggest selling point and natural instinct. Let's not simply increase one item, but the synchronization increase, reach a balance, well operate the contradiction between the speed and quality.   

      Canon company can do this 1 point, is to rely on innovative skills to support, include the print head, color to skills and so on. We according to the market needs to develop new skills and inexhaustible products, to undertake the old skills and products.

      The rest, Canon products special human nature, the maneuverability is strong. Thanks to Canon products comply with the improvement of exposition, not only is hardware have disadvantage, ink and paper, and a variety of software bundle, are Canon to develop on its own in accordance with the needs of the user. Canon bundled software, give users are free, have the very high added value. And very cumbersome to use, 1 user or operation, to reach the level of specialization, is applicable to different industries and different users need to be organized. 5 software for the public and professionals, or there was determined.

      Liang Jian teacher: I think, the difference of the differences between the products have their own natural instinct, crisis lies in its natural instinct is to the satisfaction of customer needs. Equipment for printing category, our epson company is more popular among printing workers and recognition.

      1, epson company in addition to the research and development of equipment, also has own ink, 2003 ~ 2005, we promote the focus of are set on the ink. Epson company in the development of equipment at the same time, can do all sorts of various measure, for example to discuss Japan's printing industry has what kind of call to the character, or review is to discuss the matching between ink and paper sketches satisfied the needs of the imitation proofing, and so on. Let's make things always synopsis satisfied the need of the printing industry, for example delicate level, gray balance, etc.

      2, we adopted are currently pigment ink, pigment ink has the disadvantage of the macroscopic particles in is on the verge of ink particles, its attribute is on the properties of ink, mutatis mutandis, also so close to offset printing results. Push the new pigment ink is our inexhaustible one usually disadvantage.

     3, on the printer, nozzle skills also is very serious. Epson micro piezo print heads have short life, print character constant primary natural instinct, printing precision, so as to outline guarantees the user in the process of coaxing, do not need to translate the print head. It was against the often unreal inkjet head, constitute the printed character of don't shake, the obligation to delay, more greatly mi threw the user to form the print head to trick capital spending is high.

     Fourth, throughout and weak to partner. As a concession counsel, software is a serious one. Manipulation in printing category of software, are married or and epson equipment.

      Title 3: how do you treat the frequency for inkjet printing skills with the progress of the market and transfer? How do you treat the control limits and level of the ink-jet printing equipment in China?

     Wang Xiang gen teacher: inkjet printing skills progress over the past few years really quickly, or theory is the precision of the printing, printing speed, remains the same limitation of appropriate print media have greatly improved. Inkjet printing disadvantage short-long often clear clear. With the further development of skills, ink-jet printing office category will be covered by more and more widely, needs of the market will be more and more big, is or may become one of the most minor printing method. There's an urgent need to operate the title remains the same in printing money, as to the accuracy and speed of the printing even tell from the current skills have coupled to the low space, married just in 1 minute, another some headlines, although these are only the title of the time.

  In terms of outdoor advertising to build (secondary I speak on the Chinese market at present the spray machine and pictorial machine), the current 1 piece of the market is too messy! Huge difference between the level of the equipment, there are tens of thousands of yuan, there are millions of dollars of equipment, coaxing consumables (medium and ink) is 5 flowers 8 door, print images of character. The ego is a sadness of: currently WaiYang outdoor advertising representation is too single 1 spray (mostly) on light box cloth, don't apply the ideas, trunk and low-end products. This is not move, although many regions have started to outdoor advertising profits and make market plan to arrange, but still difficult to tamper with the status quo in the short term, the Chinese market is so big! As follows, however, is certain.

      1. Planning for the outdoor advertising order has become a must, to the company engaged in outdoor advertising make call to coupled to will be more and more high, both my competing power is expounded: profit, profit (manpower and funds), skills, equipment and building) and the innovation, etc.

      2. The personalized character, the pursuit of high-end market share will be more and more big;

      3. Most of existing spray equipment is purchased in a few years ago, already face aging and skills on the upgrading of the title. A new round of skills and equipment update call will be more and more urgent.

  Matsumoto and dielectric teacher: from the Angle of the ink-jet printing skills,
  1, the printing speed, improve the labor skills.
  2, the ink of all skill levels to mobilize, originally pigment ink color is bleak, paint and ink skills have improved at the moment. From all the limitations, besides has its own natural instinct, pigment ink printing results is becoming more and more approaching the dye ink, with is also increasingly determined to pigment ink and equipment.
  On inkjet printing market, I have two views, one view is that in China by the enterprise internal I input the customers will be more and more, this is because the Chinese posters market demand is very big. As a user of China, if you need to do a poster, like 1 input will be faster to professional printing shop. And the status of the United States, Europe, Japan and we just the opposite, they 1 would I like to do, is the enterprise internal I input. Resolution 1 reason, China's why users to take out? 1 is not have inside himself in this point of view, the second is to think that I won't be dull and software operation, the third is don't know himself or buy equipment.

  The other one is fast printing enterprises will have a tendency to segmentation and specialization. True direct users in China at the moment are entrusted with quick printing shop to do inkjet printing, but not for 5 years, the situation would not be so much. Quick printing enterprise operators face so much about, also should be noticed and thought. They must let oneself become more professional's steward, and if they make the product with the customer make I don't have the screening, they sure don't have a business, they need more professional, for example, there's a very good attempt, post-press processing, also have a variety of additional charge. If do not do these, they will be hard to keep. Otherwise, fast printing enterprises will one category and do the most professional thing. Now instead of quick printing enterprise segment will go.
  The development trend of printing industry is also a big attack. The trend is not anything about it before the development of the United States, Europe, Japan is so much. China in the near future there will be such transfer.
  Liang Jian teacher: inkjet printing general tendencies, is in the pursuit of character and stand. Before, penhui input hour or may call to 150 dpi, screening rate, 150 dpi photo input screening rate at 720 dpi, frequency, an inexhaustible, as customers call to print screening rate has reached 6, 720 dpi, 00 dpi photo screening rate is as high as 2880 dpi. This is an inexhaustible improve customer pursuit of character and stir. Otherwise is speed, by slow, before this moment is faster and faster, speed promotion can bring customer capital of depression. Epson company in 2005 "art micro spray process is based on the character and speed of discrete.

      A printing plant, I believe, well done, but it is not because the equipment is good, but all printing process, implement standardized. Adopt digital proofing, ink-jet printing is at rest in the middle of the print head constitutes the standardization, lead to the opposite, front-end and back-end has passive, far-reaching influence on the printing. Epson large-format printers, products of the company from "century rainbow" series to rainbow K3 "" century series, to provide customers from 4 to fully open series machines. The standardization of the ink is customer standardization of labor conditions.

      On inkjet printing control transfer, I think in the future trend is the personalized market. Two printing companies printing character or maybe the difference is not big, but if there is one or some responsibility to provide a more personalized, customers will be determined to outline to give him more determination to the enterprise. The rest, explore new high-end market is also 1 of some enterprise was determined.

      Digital printing is a steward of the market, practitioners should have steward's point of view, and rightly thought, such as what the customer to provide a better steward. Is to let's call to our customer in labor by shaking and consumables of the paper. On the ink-jet printing market in China at present there are many not standard phenomena, not Abraham users into inferior alternative ink, so aroused more titles. Just proofing paper, ink, printing paper, ink, the four were shaken, talents to achieve real proofing standards.

Title 4: how do you treat the inkjet printing market in the future development trend and development?

      Wang Xiang gen teacher: behind already talked about, inkjet printing has not to undertake disadvantage (needless to prepress plate, sheet printing, arbitrary clever, etc.), its development is infinite. True, it does have a lot of remains to be further improve and improved, such as: capital, labor, printing precision, etc. Inkjet printing most fit to build the short version, fast to live, however, if the practice of this kind of living thing needs a lot of, and will be more and more big.

      Matsumoto and dielectric teacher: in China, we are of great development, there will be a big market in recent years. Every market is let's enter the target, which reviews the market, we are very bullish on review for wedding market develops very fast, and more professional.

      Liang Jian teacher: China's market is a special market, the need to provide a variety of concession counsel to adapt to the customer's call. Besides the concession proofing counsel (trade proofing, double-sided proofing, etc.), personalized printing also have very big development. Epson companies also provide card, printed t-shirts and other counsel. Capital investment and coaxing the nobility, I'll stick to mention primary disadvantage is recognized by the broad masses of users in a hurry.

      In the low-end market, epson equipment also display partial serious impregnation. Inkjet CTF and inkjet CTP counsel also recognized by the customer in a hurry.
Otherwise 1 high across the market, in addition, for art replication, and also by a lot of people look good. Capturing the commanding heights of the skills and character, this is the synopsis for customer to gain a foothold in the market crisis.