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Green innovation is the future of China's printing industry

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"Green innovation is China's printing industry future development main trend"

The future development of China's printing industry, should not only meet the needs of economic and social development, and to meet the requirements of resource saving environmental friendly, must go green, creative, and harmonious development.

    Green printing industry for the future development of the mainstream. The current as people's awareness of environmental protection and the attention to their own safety and health, the combination of printing products and environmental protection problems widely attention. Packaging reduction (Reduce), Reuse (Reuse), or recycling (Recycle), packaging waste can be degraded (Degradable), do not form permanent rubbish, packaging and printing materials should not contain toxic elements, such as halogen, heavy metals, VOC, etc.), or content should be controlled in the following related standards, should be including paper packaging printing industry, packaging industry development necessary conditions. Practitioners in this sense, the printing and printing products in the middle of the customers and terminal consumers set up advanced and scientific concept of green printing, green packaging is very necessary. For this purpose, the relevant government departments, the printing industry and relevant industry associations, consumer associations should do more guidance in this respect, education and service work.

  reative printing is important strategic choice for the development of printing industry in the future. As an important part of cultural industry, printing industry to provide high quality printing services and better combine cultural creative industry development, to encourage the printing enterprise production chain to the creative design and market service at both ends, both the development of new products, new services, and continuously expand printing market, promote the competitiveness of the industry. Improve the ability of independent innovation to promote industrial upgrading and the close combination of cultural creative industry development, is the important strategic choice of the development of printing industry in the future. In shenzhen, China has a traditional printing company, a few years ago to try to Chinese traditional printing and modern IT technology is combined with culture and arts, walked out of a traditional printing industry into art digital assets as the core of the cultural industry of the new road, to obtain rapid development. The company is now in full swing in the Chinese art database as the core of art printing, web sites, artist personal digital asset management book publishing planning, art photography, art, art of book binding design, art image products, art and art exhibition planning the development and operation of derivative products such as industrial projects, be an example to the application of creative printing to create high value-added products.

    Harmonious printing is to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable development of the printing industry, its connotation should be, people-oriented, to achieve resource saving, environment friendly, structure optimization and coordinated development. Solve environment problems, the ultimate goal is to implement people-oriented, meet the needs of citizens basic right to survival and development. Environmental protection is referred to as "the benefit of the masses", "the benefit of future generations", is so called "noble cause", because it has a noble goal --, realize the harmony of man and nature. A large number of facts show that the relationship between human and the natural environment, often affect the interpersonal relationship, the relationship between human and society. If the ecological environment, people's living environment deterioration, severely damaged, if the resource energy supply tension, conflicts between economic development and resources and energy interpersonal harmony, the harmony of man and society is difficult to achieve. In the economic globalization today, any enterprise is a component part of the chain of economic globalization, is both the product and service providers, and resources of ik, resource and environment should be a protector. Printing industry development must be people-oriented, walk the road of sustainable development, to maintain consistent with the environmental and social harmony, become the promoter of the construction of a harmonious society.