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UV coating drying is determined by the production speed

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UV coating drying is determined by the production speed

  High-speed production, of course, is desirable, but want to remember, described by the dry method, drying machine power co., LTD. When production speed increase, to maintain acceptable thermal transfer surface, it will be difficult to fully dry solid. After printing, this situation directly cause image on the paper heap, influence each other at the bottom of the paper and paper. If effects can see situation, called anti-indian. Ultraviolet (UV) coating products, to a few days later, to stabilize. Gloss and adhesion quality after 24 hours, still can change, depending on the printing ink and gloss coating. But the change is not necessarily must have drawbacks, see figure 7.
  Beam after the solid surface of the coating, to keep it. After drying, don't let it under change. To transfer in the paper, a piece of a stack up, under considerable pressure. Printing to a solid surface, therefore, to ensure that don't suffer from first contact a bottom of the printed sheet of paper. The solid surface, which is produced by the UV dryer appropriate to the energies of the beams.
  Dry paper pile of temperature rise, cause the printing, and even make the paper stick into pieces. Therefore, the combination of the printing press, the most important thing is that at the appropriate time, applying the appropriate drying energy. Therefore, after the printing and coating machine, really need to infrared (IR) light with the cold wind or warm wind and extraction of support. To dry aqueous dispersion type coating, it is suggested that in between the two coating machine, using the extension of two transfer form dry parts. If feel just drying time to gloss effect, then, between two coater, plus a transmission parts, ensure the production speed can be increased by 40% without affecting the gloss. Figure 8 shows, the output energy of dryer must match the production speed. UV output energy with random speed, but it is not linear model. The output of the IR energy is linear model.

Production: speed the sooner, the better?
  When printing machine speed increase, the gloss degree depending on the ink coverage. As mentioned above, the time interval of the coating layer on the individual, determine the stability of the formation of the "base". Paper between units moving at a speed of 10000 copies per hour, the ink can be used only within less than a second time into the paper. These tests, let ink infiltrate with normal production speed. Comparing the first and the last printing ink gloss, results show that the printing ink gloss is poorer. This situation, can be used for reference to redo the printing layout and color sequence successively. But, at the same time, can increase the luster of the printing press speed increases, the luster is falling due to use normal ink. The inherent problems of ink, is a can not conceal the fact that, though, selection and coordination set-up printing ink, coating and drying machine, can make such a quality decline, to the slightest degree.

  With ultraviolet (UV) coating can achieve the effect of mainly depending on the substrates. With high gloss diffusion coating coated on certain types of substrates, applied to ultraviolet (UV) coating on the substrates of the desired effect, provide a good pointer. Ink, especially in the condition of high coverage, could lead to burnish, but can use thick pigments and easy to infiltrate ink to improve. The affinity of ink composition and its base material, decided to the coating layer on the cohesive force of their degrees, and bonding situation for a few days after printing, and stability. Appropriate selection the type of base material and component, can achieve a gloss degree, have a decisive role. Ultraviolet (UV) coating for the surface, to help prevent scratching. At the same time, it if coating evenly, then become a shining surface. Select the appropriate combination of machine, especially in dry end, condensed and coordination of materials and printing ink, printing machine to achieve the best effect, provides a number of prerequisites.
  The requirement of increasing the quality of products, selecting the appropriate materials and appropriate printer combinations and meet the requirements of the machine operator skill also increase accordingly.
  Our research process is a special application. The information provided the relevant partners, the results will help printing co., LTD. The research shows that users as well as the printing machine, coating, printing ink, printing substrates, such as the cooperation between manufacturers, are extremely important. No company can independently, and can be fully applied the method provided by the highest benefit.

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