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What is a good machine floor UV paint to use?

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Floor with UV paint roller coating machine good or curtain coating machine?
  Roller coating machine: also called uv roller coating machine, roller coating machine. Is a kind of important equipment of coating equipment, because of its high efficiency, simple maintenance, paint loss of small, round rolling paint solvent resistance; Can dock with the production line is very good, of automated production lines; Especially suitable for NC paint and UV paint coating, excellent use effect; In the furniture manufacturing industry, bamboo handicraft manufacturing, floor panels, slippers production industry has been widely promoted. Use roll coater coating of plate surface is smooth, good plumpness, no before and after pile paint, details the effect better. Therefore is widely suitable for large area coating of plate and strip.
  Curtain coating machine: is suitable for the board type furniture, ceramic tiles, marble, solid mu fu joins a floor board, the plane door, handicrafts, bamboo curtains and a little alien CaiLiao finish homework. It has the characteristics of high utilization rate of coating, coating process in the paint circulation system only has a few solvent volatilization, simple operation, good operation, can be segregated airtight operation, labor protection is good, can use double heads for bi-component paint coating. But shower curtain machine film is prone to some problems, such as: uneven thickness of coating, coating surface has a small round hole, coating surface pitting, paint film surface has the tiny bubbles and hearing the coating is not stable, film, coating film is "orange peel", the phenomenon such as uneven DuDu of paint film burnish.