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How to regulate laminating operate?

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  Zhisu composite products were produced by hot pressing. Heat and pressure are the important factors of production, heating roller only keep enough calories (roller surface is 85 ~ 95 degrees), to guarantee the complete melting of the hot melt adhesive colloid, flow and hot melt adhesive, and adhesive molecules, the activation. Only maintain the proper pressure, pressure roller of hot melt adhesive and adhesive activated molecule can only to print paper hair small holes and ink printing layer transfer between the molecules, penetration, anchoring, paper-plastic unity together.
  Enough heat and appropriate pressure, can through the temperature adjusting device on the machine, to adjust and maintain a constant pressure control agencies. But the constant temperature and pressure, they show that the numerical although there is no change, but because of the effect of the change of the pattern in the host speed, have obviously different effects on paper-plastic composite. Host speed is slow, paper-plastic composite stands long in the hot pressing close state, bonding effect is good. Host speed, paper-plastic composite stay on short time of hot pressing close state, bonding effect is poor. Host speed of more than 800 r/min, paper-plastic composite operation speed is more than 15 m/min, bonding effect is poor.
  The operator should elaborate maintenance, debugging, laminating machine, so the technology kept in good condition. Production, temperature setting threshold is 85 degrees, up to 95 degrees, and the pressure setting of 10 ~ 15 mpa, host speed control within the 700 r/min, paper-plastic composite speed control within 12.5 m/min.