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Out of the coating effect of the membrane, uneven coating

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Elder brother three roller coating machine: to teach you how to eliminate in the process of coating coated film, uneven coating of a flower
  Elder brother three roller coating machine: to teach you how to eliminate the flowers appeared in the process of coating of coated film, coating uneven phenomenon

1. How to eliminate flower film phenomenon:
  A. dust and impurities on the surface of the film too much; Should be timely clean up dust and impurities;
  B. the drying temperature is too high, adhesive surface crust. Should reduce the drying temperature;
  C. printing ink layer did not work; Should be hot pressing it again after gluing, delay effect, make the dry thoroughly;
  D. the binder concentration is too high, big viscosity, uneven coating; Application thinner, reduce the binder concentration;
  E. printing ink layer too thick; Should increase the amount of adhesive coating, increase the pressure and temperature of the composite;
  F. composite roller surface temperature is too high; Should reduce the composite roller temperature;
  G. adhesive coating uneven, less dosage; Should improve coating amount and uniformity;
  H. membrane wrinkling or slack phenomenon, film uneven or edge; Should switch to a qualified film to adjust the tension;

2. How to eliminate the phenomenon of uneven coating
  A. low pressure; Should increase composite pressure;
  B. membrane relaxation; Should adjust the traction;
  C. some adhesive curing glue tank; Should be replaced or add glue;
  D. plastic film thickness tolerance; Should change film, choose the membrane with small thickness tolerance;
  E. rubber roller swelling, deformation; Should replace the rubber roller;

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