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How do we discern the stand or fall of UV machine?

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                      How do we discern the stand or fall of UV machine?
UV irradiation face how to choose?
    Choose their stereo cloth lamp in the plane of the need to do some waste, equipment is more expensive, and the power consumption of each month is also high. So temporarily no other product development intention, it is according to the current products to choose for the best additional qualifications

UV configuration how to choose?
    Actually it is not only a UV machine, all other things are all the same. Must be suitable for priority.
    All the problems listed UV energy, curing temperature irradiation time how long? Style very not good-looking? The collocation of color? Mesh belt running deviation of no, there is also the most important thing! Budget cost differences in the cost and quotation.

UV indoor temperature how to choose?
     To do the marble UV machine, absolutely can't be on film, paper, UV curing. Each UV machine in the production process, the temperature will typically be properly controlled, but the difference is bigger, afraid of the high temperature, there are some products must be put forward to in advance, prevention equipment for production, prevent the cargo damage, etc. For every a UV machine should be reasonable.

How the difference and the UV band selection? :
    UV machine 95% of room for mercury lamp in the system, is currently the most widely used UV machine, but does not rule out some product is need halogen lamp UV system, don't think that he is not that five percent of the way! General is mercury lamp, is suitable for special coating or printing ink halogen lamp and so on, some special products can use gallium lamp and xenon lamp and so on.
   If you have more than satisfy some conditions, you should be able to find what you want to, also is the most suitable equipment.
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