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The range of UV machine application

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UV machine application scope are:
, setting of strip print UV curing equipment and deployment. To be modified for UV curing, obey multiplication; Like printing cigarette case, wine packaging, grinding the sign of frosted ink UV machine, fast curing, sand feeling good. Used for offset printing a variety of non infiltration drainage base material, brake when dry adhesion. Like the UV printing ink, UV ink wrinkles, UV foam ink, UV ink treasure coal;
     Second, plastic buttons, metal buttons, plastic PE plastic shell UV oil, UV drying curing machine gel, ceramic capacitor production line, small electronic components marking curing exclusive ancillary equipment deployment Settings;
    Third, portable UV curing machine for type setting equipment deployment, field practice, a small amount of production, on-site repair, desktop curing test and small batch of UV curing equipment deployment type Settings.
      Fourth, in the electronic, optical, LCD, screen printing and packaging industry category voluminous get throughout the application. Such as: silk screen printing and packing carton picture in the offset printing, nameplate, desk calendar, such as UV ink curing, every hand, calendar nameplate of UV curing, large pieces of cardboard UV light oil and dry curing equipment deployment Settings;
      Fifth, small electronic plastic hardware UV glue, UV machine or the UV curing ink, electronics, fine parts, magnetic head, magnetic material, optical films, LCD display, micro-motor optical solid glue dispensing curing, UV machine, such as liquid crystal performance glass sealing side of UV curing glue set equipment deployment.

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