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The demand for the performance of the ink printing materials

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   Each kind of different printed materials also have different requirements on the performance of the ink, so the ink performance requirements are typically xiamen several aspects to determine demand.
    Adhesion. PE cap printing is not generally substrates, for fiber materials such as paper, fabric, printing, printing ink can penetrate, fiber fill fiber pore, with fiber molecular cross-linking, can achieve good adhesion effect. But PE material is qualitative, high crystallinity, very low surface tension, ink is very difficult to spread out in its wettability. And, again because its surface does not exist polar group, the dispersion force and van der Waals force is difficult to form. So before printing, in order to get good adhesion, it is necessary to carry out PE surface flame or grind arenaceous processing, in order to enhance rough sex. In order to make better play to the performance of UV light solid machine, we also need to pay attention to its absorbance to ultraviolet light.
    Solvent resistance. PE cap most used in food packaging printing. With the environmental policy gradually strengthen, after printing, printing quality not only by the state environmental protection department in the solution of peracetic acid soaking sterilization. And, in the process of the printing quality of transportation, has come into contact with solvents such as easily lead to the membrane damage layer of material, so the preparation of the ink to these materials should have a certain tolerance, avoid printing graphic widely. UV light solid machine inappropriate absorbance can also lead to many differences.
    UV light curing rate. The main advantages of the UV ink is quick drying and curing is the direct reflection of how fast drying speed. Quick curing ink, ink drying efficiency is high, effect on production can greatly improve production efficiency.
    In the application of UV ink, low adhesion has been an important factor of restricting its development. There is no doubt for PE cap printing, adhesion is the main reference of ink performance indicators.