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Raw material consumption affect the performance of polymer

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  Raw material usage and synthesis process conditions on the properties of polymer 
  Aqueous fluoride coatings with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, durability, corrosion resistance and strong resistance to oxidation, and with the coating properties, such as environmental protection, safety, so it become one of research hot spots. Domestic research mostly focus on this artice, water fluoride coatings produced by the poor performance. UV curing technology with fast curing speed, less pollution, energy saving, curing product performance is good wait for an advantage, a wide range of application in coating, adhesive, printing ink, etc. To develop a UV curing water fluoride coatings, may through UV curing cross-linking improve the performance of the coating has a very important research significance.
 The two can be used for UV curing system of aqueous fluorinated acrylate copolymer synthesis, there are: to six fluorine butyl methacrylate (HFMA), methyl methacrylate (MMA), butyl acrylate (BA) and bifunctional acrylate monomer as raw material, adopting the emulsion polymerization of fluorinated acrylate copolymer; With fluorinated acrylate monomer, MMA, BA and acrylic acid (AA) as raw material, adopts the solution polymerization method, fluoride prepolymer, again by methyl glycidyl ester of acrylic (GMA) grafted modification, after triethylamine and the synthesis of water-soluble UV curing fluorinated acrylate copolymer. Of the above two kinds of fluorine-containing acrylate copolymer structure characterization, this paper discusses the raw material usage and synthesis process conditions on the properties of polymer, and tested the curing membrane performance, UV curing conditions on the properties of copolymer were studied.
The experimental results are as follows:
 With HFMA, MMA, BA and 1 - methyl acrylic acid - 3 - acrylic acid glycerol double ester as monomer, DNS for reactive emulsifier,the preparation of a kind of UV curing fluorinated polyacrylate emulsion.Using FTIR characterization of its structure,DSC study the thermal performance, discusses the dosage of emulsifier, and bifunctional monomers containing fluorine monomer and initiator system on the influence of emulsion polymerization.
The results showed that with REDOX initiator, dosage of emulsifier 4% ~ 5%, 6% the bifunctional monomers, fluoride monomers dosage is 16% ~ 20%, able to produce coating performance better stability of UV curing fluorinated polyacrylate emulsion.
 By solution polymerization, using fluorinated acrylate monomer, MMA, BA and AA, GMA as raw material to produce water soluble UV curing fluorinated acrylate copolymer. Using FTIR and 1h MNR for structural characterization, TG study thermal performance. Discusses the dosage of raw material and technological conditions of fluorine-containing oligomer synthesis and UV curing effect the performance of copolymer film, and studied the influence factors of graft modification reaction and stability of the copolymer solution. The results showed that the optimum synthesis conditions of fluorine-containing oligomer is: HFMA dosage is 14% ~ 18%, the quality of MMA and BA than for those who, AA dosage was 8%, the initiator dosage BPO4 %, the reaction temperature is 120 ℃. Grafting reaction of the best temperature is 85 ℃ ~ 90 ℃, GMA optimum dosage was 12%, the copolymer coating system has good mechanical properties. The hardness of 4 h, resistance to impact of 50 cm. And degree of greater than 90%, the copolymer emulsion is slightly yellow, translucent, has good storage stability. The most suitable for UV curing conditions were determined: 1.0 ~ 1.5% curing agent - Darocur2959, drying temperature is 70 ℃, the UV curing time is 12 ~ 15 s.