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UV light curing machine features in UV spraying process

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  Now coating industry has developed rapidly, played an important role of uv light curing machine, today will explain in the spraying process, uv light curing machine features:
  Uv machine use:
  Mainly used in wood door, stair, furniture, cabinets, arts and crafts, and other wood products production enterprise.
  Coating process flow:
  Spray PU white (two)→Dry sanding and spraying PU color (two)→Dry sanding→Spray UV paint→IConstant flow flat→UV light solid machine.
Uv light curing machine features:
  First, power supply for the domestic style, more efficient, more productive;
  Second, the light delicate material imported high pressure mercury lamp, long life, easy dismantling installation;
  Third, the conveyor belt adopt import stainless steel mesh belt;
  Fourth, the motor adopts thunis, stable quality;
  Fifth, the control part of the operation is simple, no experience, can grasp the operation technology in a short time;
  Sixth, equipment whole electrostatic spraying, elegant appearance, corrosion resistant easy to clean;
  Seventh, a one-time five surface curing, can meet a variety of specifications of products, and effective drying product surface flow phenomenon, improve efficiency.
  Eighth, instant drying, exempt from waiting, drying time, greatly shortening the time of coating process, improve production efficiency.

  Shenzhen sankun technology co., LTD., prompts you to in the process of operating the UV paint coating amount must be moderate, not too thick, otherwise due to the reaction force of the UV paint makes paint layer cracking.