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With UV SK-136 printing industry roll to roll

Commodity description  

Technical parameter: Product function:
  • Machine power: a single set of about 3.6KW of power (kw)
  • Lamp power: 144w/cm
  • Cooling way: forced air cooling, special wind road
  • Source type: halogen lamp light source configuration: according to the number of color groups to select the number of matching
  • Light source life: on average more than 800 hours (H), attenuation of not less than 80%
  • Matching speed: matching printing speed can be achieved 80~150m/min;
  • Irradiation width: 420mm (mm)
  • Peak wavelength: 365nm, 380nm (nm)
  • Power regulation: 20%-100% electronic transformer
  • Typical features: flexo supporting plane
  • Power supply: 50HZ 220VAC
  • Typical applications: ultraviolet (UV) color ink drying, UV curing
    Typical applications in label printing
    High intensity UV light curing to install the system, and narrow amplitude label printing supporting standard is one of a series of products, standards for supporting the multi-color label printing machine 420mm radiation width;
    Matching size design, can realize the exchange between different color groups, through the distribution of excellent;
    The light intensity adjustment of the system can be synchronized with the printing speed to achieve energy saving effect;
    Composition: UV unit, UV control system, cooling system.
    Scientific design, reasonable investment, is one of the options with the soft version of the professional matching.
  • Optional configuration, can be customized according to customer demand


External dimensions (length * width * height) mm

Feed head

The discharge area

Transmission bandwidth

UV lamp power







(Note: all UV machine can according to customer requirements with non-standard customized, welcome to negotiate CONSULTATION!)

Control system matching
Common button control interface
UV lamp matching
Domestic UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp etc.) Imported UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp, etc.)
Transformer selection (not detailed, welcome to inquire)
Copper wire aluminum steel
Conveyor belt selection

Stainless steel mesh belt


Roller conveyor

PCB special conveyor chain

Roller conveyor

PVC conveyor belt

Non-standard custom delivery system

Cooling system matching

Air cooling