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PCB circuit board industry under the irradiation of UV UV ma

PCB circuit board industry under the irradiation of UV UV machineSK-403-600D

Commodity detailed description  

Technical parameter: Product function:
  • The UV lamp power: 3kw*4 (UV lamp)
  • Total length of UV lamp: 720mm arc length: 600mm
  • UV band main wave crest: 365nm
  • A UV lamp configuration
  • Strong and weak light intensity adjustment:
  • By installing Jindeng reflector and optical filter lens
  • The upper and lower air pressure, the exhaust system
  • Temperature display and alarm
  • Conveying material: all stainless steel roller
  • Conveyor belt width: 600mm
  • Conveyor speed: 0-5m/min (frequency converter speed)
  • Inlet height: 100mm
  • Power supply: 50HZ 380VAC
  • Application Industry: PCB circuit board industry
  • Product features: PCB printed circuit board, circuit board, green solder resist ink curing.
  • Design of multi lamp, high intensity, meet the printed circuit board process in high temperature high energy demand, according to the technical requirements of the flexibility to choose the light source lamp number, and before the matching process; can bear a certain weight of PCB products, smooth transportation, safety; variable frequency speed control of, high control precision; equipment system considering comprehensive performance, beautiful and practical.
  • Optional configuration, can be customized according to customer demand


External dimensions (length * width * height) mm

Feed head

The discharge area

Transmission bandwidth

UV lamp power







(Note: all UV machine can according to customer requirements with non-standard customized, welcome to negotiate CONSULTATION!)

Control system matching
Common button control interface
UV lamp matching
Domestic UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp etc.) Imported UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp, etc.)
Transformer selection (not detailed, welcome to inquire)
Copper wire aluminum steel
Conveyor belt selection

Stainless steel mesh belt


Roller conveyor

PCB special conveyor chain

Roller conveyor

PVC conveyor belt

Non-standard custom delivery system

Cooling system matching

Air cooling