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The circuit board under UV light irradiation

The circuit board under UV light irradiation

Product description: Product description::
1 up and down lamp illumination
2.6 groups of 8.4KW or 4 groups of 8.4KW
3 conveyor width 700mm
4 roller wheel drive
  • Scope of application: circuit board heavy tin, heavy silver, heavy gold pretreatment.

(Note: all UV machine can according to customer requirements with non-standard customized, welcome to negotiate CONSULTATION!)

Control system matching
Common button control interface
UV lamp matching
Domestic UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp etc.) Imported UV lamp (mercury lamp, halogen lamp, etc.)
Transformer selection (not detailed, welcome to inquire)
Copper wire aluminum steel
Conveyor belt selection

Stainless steel mesh belt


Roller conveyor

PCB special conveyor chain

Roller conveyor

PVC conveyor belt

Non-standard custom delivery system

Cooling system matching

Air cooling



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