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UV energy test series UV energy test paper

    Each strip contains 5 colors, when UV light, the color gradually from yellow to green. The same shade of color are compared, can quickly measure the light intensity of UV. UV test paper is a simple, reliable and easy to use display of the accumulation of UV light. They are the first products that can be used to determine the level of UV dose with a simple, visual inspection of the region due to the change of the 5 separate colors. After a certain amount of UV dose is accepted, each of the 5 regions begins to change the color of the skin. First "1" areas begin to shift from yellow to blue.

    Then, when its specific chemical receives the appropriate amount of UV to activate its color changes, each subsequent color region begins to change the color of the skin. The versatility of this unique UV measurement tool allows the user to measure a significant range of UV doses. From 0mJ/cm 2 to 5000mJ (5J) /cm 2 stripping measures UV dose to great. Due to their thin, such as the shape and the heat resistance of paper, they can for radiometer is not possible for all applications, including: network printing, sheet fed printing, exposure were exposed to the product proved that 3D and individual UV exposure level test. Stripped out clearly identifiable color changes using a user's visual distinction between the amount of drug. To accurately measure the quantity of the drug, the use of a spectrophotometer by the small strip of the color changes in the record.

Name: UV energy test paper
Place of origin: Germany
Range: 0.mj/cm2~5000mj/cm2
Specifications: 13mm x 54mm/ film
Reading: the reading card, 200 / bag, can be measured 200 times; direct reading, 10 / bag, can be measured 10 times

Main features:
    A product that is quickly and efficiently used to test the strength of UV, the test paper changes its color by absorbing the UV energy.
    The use of UV test paper is a simple and effective method to test the strength of UV. There are five small lattices on the test paper, which can react and change the color of the UV light of different intensity. The test paper can be used to detect the UV light source simply and conveniently, so as to determine whether the UV intensity on the equipment is still enough to solidify the needed products.
    This test strip can be detected from 0mj/cm to UV 5000jm/cm strength. Measure paper attached to the curing of the object, to temperature change is very sensitive, can be used in all areas, and is not suitable for use in the field of the common detector used in, such as: track printing, camber offset printing, standard label printing, the three dimensionally cured.

* accurate judgment of UV strength
* can be used in all systems.
* method is simple
* five small grids can better detect the results
* can be used in a three-dimensional curing system.
* can detect the UV intensity of the sun's light
* compare different UV lights