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UV machine, glue machine

Product Name: UV glue machine
Applicable scope: applicable to UV coating, cutting film remove adhesive tape and is also suitable for thin sheets of paper products, products in the curing process close to the UV band drift deformation; product components are standardized, stable performance, economical and practical.


Technical parameter:
Machine specification: 1250L*550W*1250Hmm
Power supply connection: 50HZ 220VAC
Conveyor belt width: 300mm;
Conveyor belt material: Teflon mesh belt;
Conveying speed: 1-10 meters without very adjustable;
Feed end length: 300mm;
Director: 650mm UV;
Discharging end: 300mm;
The whole set of automatic cooling tube after the shutdown function;
Roller: surface roller, to ensure smooth delivery;
Cooling mode: air cooling;
The material: cold rolled steel plateprinterspray;
The appearance: black and white and gray with computer.

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