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Ultraviolet radiation injury causes, symptoms and treatment

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Ultraviolet radiation injury causes, symptoms and treatment

Ultraviolet radiation injury is caused by what reason?
  Electro-optic ophthalmia (photophthalmia), also known as uv linear ophthalmitis, accounting for 2% of the ocular trauma. See more at metal welders or mercury lamp under the filmmakers, and the ultraviolet lamp, such as the atomic bomb. May be directly or indirectly caused by irradiation. When a day accumulated exposure to more than 15 minutes, 6 ~ 10 hours after onset of symptoms. The wounded each work late into the night comes on in the daytime. No cumulative effect after 24 hours.

Ultraviolet radiation injury early symptom have?
  Early in order to stimulate eyes and foreign body sensation, gradually, blepharospasm, pain, photophobia, tears, and the side has a dark spot, red or yellow symptoms occur.
  Signs: the person that weigh and eyelid skin of the face flush, conjunctival congestion, corneal fluorescein staining visible diffuse point difference color, the perceived loss of the cornea, pupil spastic narrow. General 2 ~ 3 days after symptoms disappear.

Ultraviolet light before injury treatment?
Strengthen labor protection publicity and education, in the place with ultraviolet light workers, should wear protective glasses, can wear with fissure goggles, glasses or light gray GR - 39 optical resin lenses.

Ultraviolet radiation injury western medicine treatment
Treatment methods: mainly for disease treatment.
  1, 0.5% ~ 1% of the paid liquid eye, or other surface anaesthetic eye drops or subconjunctival injection.
  2, the above method after processing, the antibiotic eye ointment, bandaged eyes, take sedatives and sleeping pills. Generally sleep hours after symptoms disappeared or decreased, and then colored glasses.
  3, hours after severe symptoms appeared, but according to the method processing again. A handful of iris inflammation in critically ill patients, can drop tropic amide, atropine drops when necessary.