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What is the odor of the UV machine produce?

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What is the odor of the UV machine produce?

  My machining workshop as the heavy oil mist, shortly before replacing the original way of high voltage electrostatic oil removal device, with a new one through UV light oil removal of the new device, although some expensive price, but the results are much better; But after a period of time, found that more than a strange smell in the workshop, sometimes concentration, the workshop workers will say that people stay sick inside; Do this a friend analysis of UV light, but what is the specific situation he was in the study. A shrimp to reassure: what is the odor produced when the UV machine work? Is there any way to remove it? Thank you ~

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  UV light will produce ozone, i.e., O3, it is a stimulating odour gas, concentration of big time can let a person feel dizzy, nausea and vomiting; At the same time, the ozone is a very lively and strong oxidizing gas, can cause the human body contact when serious illness; Especially the airtight space, so you workshop workers can't stand it.

  If it is direct emptying has little influence, you shop is indoor cycle gas; Now remove ozone actually not difficult also, UV machine is installed on a filter, in addition to ozone, of course, the design of the filter according to the specific conditions of your UV machine to decide, including air volume, velocity, initial concentration of ozone, and so on, to screen the best filtering effect.

  Now remove the ozone filter mainly include adsorption and decomposition type two kinds, adsorption, adsorption, just as its name implies is through the mesh to ozone replaced periodically according to the specific situation; The decomposition type is through the role of catalytic ozone decomposition into oxygen to remove the effect of ozone, tell from the principle of zero consumption; And to implement a filter, gas must contact with mesh fully, so as long as the surface is not contaminated by dust, grease and other impurities, theoretically decomposition type filter can be effective for a long time.

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