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Spray UV prone to some problems

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Spray UV prone to some problems

A, spray paint defects:
  The methods of dealing with the fisheye:
  Fish eye, also known as shrinkage cavity or the micropyle. Paint on a small round hole, it is sometimes scattered, sometimes are gathered.
(1) cause

 containing silicone wax is the most common cause of the fisheye. Sand paper on the abrasive and many car wax and polish to contain silicone, silicone on the paint has strong adhesion, it is difficult to be cleared. Very small amounts of wax will lead to the emergence of the fisheye, therefore should ensure that all contact with silicone work in isolation, far from painting workshop workshop.
 the primer surface contamination, such as a primer on the oil, so must before spraying spraying surface is clean, can use a neutral detergent.
 compressed air spray gun used for the strict filtering, ensure the purity of compressed air, because the silicone material has often been found from the compressed air pipe instead of paint. Compressed air filters for emptying and cleaning every day, to filter the water and dirt, the air compressor water every day.
 is not recommended to contain the fisheye paint removers, because of the elimination agent may pollution around other spray parts, serious when can cause paint adhesion.
(2) correction method
Remove the affected area, repainted.

B, paint defects: covering power of bad:
  Also known as the transparent color or bleeding. Paint is not fully cover the paint color, original and old paint film color, the color of the primer layer permeates the surface paint layer, change the color of the paint. Red and yellow paint layer, the phenomenon of the bleeding.
(1) cause
1) paint precipitation. Finish after dilution, without fully mixing, pigment deposition in the bottom of the container, lead to excessive amounts of resin in the spray paint, color becomes shallow.
2) the error of spraying technology. Each subsequent coating without repeated spraying, for example, lead to cover strip paint or undesirable phenomenon.
3) using too much thinner, made the paint coating is very thin.
4) the old paint layer or coating of bottom, can cause bleeding in the paint, so for the old paint layer should be handled carefully, can prevent bleeding spraying a layer of isolation layer.
(2) correction method
If there is a slight bleeding, can spray paint to cover enough. For bleeding serious paint, should be polished away, spraying again.