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The UV glue in industrial application areas and industries

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  The UV glue in industrial application areas and industries

  Uv glue might hear this word in our life is not very much, perhaps you may not know what is the uv glue, to introduce you to the first what is the uv glue, uv glue consists of base resin, light initiator, and active monomers, etc, it is relatively common plastic it is to be cured by uv irradiation curing machine equipment, can achieve adhesive effect.

  Uv glue application field widely, with the industry basically flat with the uv equipment, the following introduce the uv glue in the field of what mainstream and industry applications.
A, electronics, electrical appliances industry:
1, terminal, capacitor, micro switch, relay.
2, circuit board surface of the paste component.
3, circuit boards, integrated circuit block adhesive.
4, the coil wire terminals fixed, parts of adhesive.
5, the manufacture of optical drive is mainly used for reflective film, protective film layer coating.
6 V, D D substrate bonding, DVD packaging seal cover.
7, cd-rom laser fixed, lens, circuit board fixed.
8, micro motor fixed, conductor circuit board adhesive fixed.
9, transfer printing, transfer printing rubber, plastic surface protection.

B, the arts and crafts, glass industry:
1, glass furniture, glass products, electronic adhesive.
2, crystal jewelry, craft products, fixed to.
3, transparent plastic craft products of adhesive, PMMA/PS.

C, medical supplies industry:
1, hypodermic needles, syringes, intravenous catheters, pipe, medical filters.
2, the respiratory system, venous catheter device, butterfly type device, water container, masks, oxygenator, electronic diagnostic device.

D, the optical industry:
Optical fiber bonding, optical fiber coating to protect, repair the connection.

E, the automobile industry:
Auto industrial parts, auto lamp assembly, mirror, air pocket parts, fuel injection system.

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