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The advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of UV paint

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The advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of UV paint

  Chemical coating paint in the global market unusually hot, is widely applied in all walks of life, especially in the furniture, the toy industry is inseparable from the paint, although the paint in the life most people know, but not many people know the basics of paint, the following by sankun basic knowledge of science and technology to resolve the common types of paint.
Common types of paint are mainly PE, PU, NC, UV several categories.
PE (unsaturated polyester resin paint)
Type: three liquid reactive (blue + water + main agent);
Advantages: high hardness, high wear resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardancy, etc;
Shortcomings: the toxic, storing dangerous, easy to fire, poor quality control, difficult operation, paint matching trouble;
USES: mainly used in piano lacquer that bake.

PU (polyurethane)
Type: two liquid reactive (main agent + curing agent);
Advantages: good mechanical performance, high solid content, various aspects such as relatively good performance;
Weakness: the operation process is relatively complex, high demands on the working environment, drying speed, hardness is not enough hard, paint film is easy to produce disease;
USES: mainly used for floor coatings, anticorrosive coatings, coil coatings, etc.

NC (lacquer)
Types: physical reaction;
Advantages: easy operation, fast drying speed, the working environment demand is not high, not easy to appear film ills, repair easy, cheap;
Disadvantages: low solid content, construction way more can achieve good effect, durability is poorer, protection, and no organic solvent resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance;
USES: mainly used for the coating of furniture, home decoration, general decoration painting, etc.

UV (ultraviolet (UV) light curing reaction of paint):
a (primary photochemical reaction type + sensitizer) + monomer additives;
Advantages: non-toxic, tasteless, ageing resistance, non-volatile, paint film, such as acid, alkali resistance, resistance to grab;
Advantages: the UV paint, green environmental protection, the market more competitive, has gradually become the focus of global attention.
Disadvantages: not found.
  USES: mainly used in furniture, hardware, electronics, handicrafts, medical, automotive, etc.
Conclusion: through the analysis on the advantages and disadvantages above, sankun technology eventually think UV type of paint, UV machine will become the future bully in paint industry.

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