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UV glue to use common sense

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UV glue to use common sense

How to remove the UV glue glue?
  Soft cloth, paper towel and gently wipe glue, can dip in acetone alcohol to wipe, after positioning is relatively easy to remove, knife in addition to completely cured.
Why is visible when the UV adhesive glue or fixed surface sticky glue, don't do it?
Surface drying problem is the weakness of uv-curable adhesives, is caused by oxygen polymerization. Can use the high-power light fast curing, or curing under nitrogen protection.

  Why bonding glass metal UV glue are prone to fall off in the summer?
  Summer season is UV glue accident. Summer rain or wet weather, the glass surface is very easy to absorb moisture, and many customers only with cloth is wiped can not remove water film, cause the intensity attenuation until fall off. Can use hair dryer dry glass to maintain long-term bonding.

  Why winter feeling some of the adhesive bonding strength down?
  UV glue in the winter when the temperature drops, the film can harden brittle, led to the decrease of the intensity of feeling. The winter low temperature region need to adjust the adhesive formula, make it has better toughness at low temperature.
  How long does it take to UV adhesive cured completely?
  According to the specific UV glue and customers to use curing light is different, cannot treat as the same, the need to experiment to determine. Uv light intensity is high, the irradiation time is short, can be cured, and vice versa.

  Our UV glue, can be cured in visible light?
  Can, but slower, and need the strong sunlight.

  How to use the UV adhesive separation or dismantled connect objects?
  Bonding bad need to separate or remove glue to glue again, according to the specific adhesive and glued, you can use the method have a hair dryer to heat, water, steam smoked, acetone or ethanol soak, or water soak for a long time.

  Why other manufacturers of UV glue can often to break the glass?
  Glue after curing increase hardness, strength after reaction quickly passed into the glass, glass damage, and in practical use due to the strong glue, can cushion the impact, short service life. Evergrande UV glue add flexibilizer, buffer stress effectively, bonding effect is better, more long.

  What are the considerations for plastic UV curing glue?
  During the curing reaction of many plastic heat temperature is low, need to pay attention to heat dissipation, multiple exposure, to prevent the high temperature plastic deformation; Uv transmittance in some plastic is low, such as PVC light transmittance is only 25-30%, PC contains a lot of ultraviolet absorbent, these materials during curing, must pay attention to can use T8 / T9 uv lamp and HPL high-voltage fluorescent bulbs illuminate for a long time, and so on.

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