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Roller coating machine operation and matters needing attenti

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Roller coating machine operation method and the matters needing attention

A, operation method:
  1, with thinner to the required coating to the construction requirements of the viscosity and temperature.
  2, to start the paint roller coating machine and pump test run. Adjust the width of the roll coater slit, uniform lacquer screen to form stable as a whole.
  3, open the transmission device, adjust transmission speed.
  4, use first trial coated specimens, and determine the effect of the thickness of the coating and the coating, after reaching your requirement, then start normal production.
  5, constantly in coating, painting process often observed in the coating effect.

B, the matters needing attention:
  1, the construction of viscosity, temperature, coating roller coating the nose aperture size and transmission speed and other factors will influence the thickness of the coating, to comprehensively consider when adjusting.
  2, roller coating device generally should be isolated, to avoid the wind and the plate for the bad influence of lacquer screen.
  3, operation such as found in the coating surface is white wait for a phenomenon, should immediately stop sending objects, find the reasons.
  4, the speed of the conveyer has a great influence on the coating effect. Transfer speed is too fast, there will be a lacquer screen broken tube; Transmission speed too slow, will make the surface of paint. Appeared broken tube can transmit speed or increase the leaching speed down.
  5, intermittent coating, if the downtime is longer, must stop to paint poured out, after the shower curtain machine with thinner and paint pump clean. When using the two-component type of coating, should be paid attention to more lest paint roller coating system can't use after drying.