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Roller coating machine normal operation steps, rounding

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Roller coating machine normal operation steps, rounding

  Roller coating machine is mainly suitable for board type furniture, ambry door plank, plane door to paint roller coating, sheet metal, etc. Roller coating machine can replace the traditional spraying, time saving, energy saving, environmental protection, spray paint can save 48.8% relatively.

  1, check: check the conveyor belt roller coating machine tools, steel roller and rubber roller between whether there is a cloth, and other foreign bodies and cleaned up; Check the oil pump of trachea is connected and the power light is on; The paint is heated to 35 ° - 50 °.
  2, quantity: is there a tablet in vernier calipers measure the thickness of the workpiece and record.
  3, raise: use a loom, lifting handle, adjust the height of the roller. Adjust the double stick roller coating machine, be sure to adjust the height of the two groups before and after the wheel.
  4, high test: put the flat workpiece in roller below, to adjust the height of the roller, roller until just flat workpiece; Remove flat workpiece, elevating handwheel down 2-3 turns again.
  5, by: rotation adjustment of steel wheel handle, space until after steel wheel and rubber roller have no gap, rotating the handle to 2-3 circle will rely on tight steel wheel and tire.
  6, come on, open the oil pump switch, the paint to the steel roller and rubber roller, until the paint flow until the end of the two roller.
  7, start: after switch on rubber roller and then open the steel roller switch, in order to obtain relatively smooth fine lines, coating of steel roller rotation speed slower than roller; Open the transfer switch, transmission speed and rollers linear velocity will be dispatched to consistent, lest appear paint pile pile head tail phenomenon.
  8, production: put the flat workpiece on the conveyor belt, and according to the roller coating effect, make the corresponding adjustment.
  9, cleaning: turn off the switch, the paint of the oil pump with matching cleaner clean the paint of the steel roller and glue roller, and separate steel roller and glue roller, until there are gaps between the two rollers.
  10, shutdown: shut off the power switch, switch off the trachea, switch off heating paint bucket.