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The UV equipment + UV coating process (spray, roll, shower)

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The UV equipment + UV coating process (spray, roll, shower)
  As is known to all, furniture, cabinets, wooden handicraft production enterprises surface paint coating process is given priority to with spraying, the paint is usually use NC, PU, PE. With the development of the paint coating process and consumer environmental protection consciousness enhancement, a new type of paint - the resulting UV paint. UV paint with good environmental protection, chemical resistance, resistance to physical damage, the characteristics of high hardness and fast dry was adopted by the masses of wood products manufacturing enterprises.

NC, PU, PE paint, UV paint film of see the table below:
Name of the paint Solid content drying time hardness
NC 25%-40% 0.5H 1H
PU 40%-60% 4-6H 2H
PE 90% 2H 3H
UV 100% 3-5s 4H-5H

Spraying article
  1.Class solid wood or composite solid wood wood UV paint spraying process main application industry:
Such technology is mainly used in wood, furniture, handicraft real wood, stair, ambry or composite solid wood products manufacturing enterprises.

  2.Composite solid wood UV paint coating process of coating process and requirements:
a)Do color sheet metal spraying process:
Coating: spraying the UV primerUV curingsandingSpray UV paintInfrared flow flatUV dryingreceivingOr directly spray UV topcoats were used, and then flow flat curing, but may lack of film thickness.

b)Need color sheet metal spraying: this kind of process in the first sheet spray or brushed PU color concentrate, when met the requirement of the color season it completely dry, and then according to the above process to cover the UV light.

Infrared flow leveling effect:Make the paint on the surface flow flat adequately, make coating can achieve the best fullness and fresh degree.
        ②Make the paint when construction inactive dilute agent evaporate off entirely, look and paint film to get better performance.

Infrared flow flat after the UV drying process, the workpiece surface can be dry for an instant, this greatly shorten the drying time, thus greatly improve production efficiency.
The key factors:
  1, be sure to dry thoroughly after spraying PU color essence, otherwise it will affect the adhesion between PU and UV.
  2, UV paint coating amount must be moderate, not too thick, or due to the reaction force of the UV paint itself will make the paint layer cracking.
  3, levelling and UV curing time must grasp well,
  4, sanding link is very important, must be meticulous and sanding.
C) spraying environmental requirements: it is recommended that customer should bring along their own dust-free spray paint room, can refer to the following configuration; Ground water base surface, used to spray after wind clean. Each inlet for a wind shade, so that people carry away into the spray paint room of dust. Spray paint room ventilation the positive pressure side pressure method is adopted in order to effectively clean and filtered air. (see article)
D) the craft paint can achieve technical indicators:

brightness hardness adhesion friction resistance Chemical resistance
transparent 5-95 5H 100% good good

Roller coated paper
  Paint roller coating UV process: the main application field is mainly such as furniture, cabinets, wooden door is given priority to with flat panel furniture production enterprise, or plywood, density board production enterprise.
Coating process flow:

  Roller coating UV waterborne primerHot air dryingRoller coating UV whiteUV curing all drysandingRoller coating UV whiteUV curing all drysandingRoller coating UV paint (twice)UV curing (all dry)→sanding→Roller coating UV light oilUV curing (all dry)→Collect material.
  Above process configuration can basically meet the requirements of the paint furniture enterprises, but the technology is not perfect, such as: two times paint for demanding enterprise may not meet the requirements, be about to get one or two more, and finally the above lacquer USES roller coating will produce roller lines, that is, many companies can't accept that spray can be used to solve, combine the two applications.

Curtain coating paper
  UV spray paint plate coating process: the main application field mainly for furniture, cabinets, wood door manufacturer offers the big plate of large plate production enterprise.

Coating process (for melamine veneer, wood grain paper cover) :

1.Step process line: special roller coating UV primer→UV curing (semi-dry)→Roller coating UV ordinary primerUV curing (all dry)→sanding→Dust removalPour before the roller coatingCurtain coating UV paintInfrared flow flatUV curing (all dry)Collect material

This craft paint can achieve technical indicators:
brightness hardness adhesion friction resistance Chemical resistance
transparent 5-95 5H 100% Good Good

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