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To count the coating equipment know how much in our country

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To count the coating equipment know how much in our country

  For coating, different depth, coarse and fine, with depth, there are local and all, there are patterns of different shapes, a rugged, height, there are material, have a function, not ShengJu. To reach the effect of these is not the same, its coating equipment also is not the same.

  According to its USES can be roughly divided into:
Cleaning: sandpaper, vacuuming before grinding, dust removal machine, processing equipment, sandblasting machine, pickling, phosphating, ordinary sand machine, vertical horizontal sand machine, primer sanding machine, elevated sanding machine, special-shaped sanding machine, gas drum sand, sand, sponge wheel sand thousand impeller, disc sanding machine, sanding machine, dust removal machine, bag vacuum cleaner, electrostatic precipitator, double-sided dust removal machine, belt conveyor dust removal machine, primer sanding machine;

  Spray room: no pump spray paint room, dust-free spray paint room, clean room, positive pressure dust free room of the lacquer that bake, water spray paint room, water spray paint room, through type shot blasting room, water spray paint room, hot air drying room, water spray paint;
  Spray with air spray gun, auxiliary type high-pressure airless spray gun, air spray gun, hand-held electrostatic spray gun, roller coating machine, automatic spray paint line, electrostatic coating line, NC paint roller coating line, UV paint roller coating line, alignment, the lacquer that bake tunnel line, messenger wire, ground wire, multi-layer drying paint rack, spray gun, air spray gun, ordinary roller coating machine, semi precise roller coating machine, the precise roller coating machine, putty changing color machine, shower curtain machine, pressing machine, high-voltage electrostatic generator, electrostatic powder spraying gun, powder, powder recovery unit;

  Teleport: ordinary hanging conveyor, double chain, hanging conveyor, light hanging conveyor, product type, hanging conveyor, hoist conveyor, reverse, skid transportation product put conveyor, tanks, common ground conveyor chain conveyor, shower curtain machine, belt conveyor line;
  Production: automobile coating lines, automatic spray paint, automatic UV coating line, electrostatic coating line, belt line,
  The oven: radiation convection drying machine, dryer