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Specific operation process of UV coating processing

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Specific operation process of UV coating processing

  1, into products: put by coating on the plug-in began to work
  2, electrostatic dust removal: bring when we do the injection oil, dust remove
  3, preheating, in order to better color to be a bit of paint temperature
  4, primer coating: the plastic itself is the color of the cover, color spray first impression for production requirement
  5, drying: drying IR area through the tunnel, to prepare for the next spraying
  6, surface spraying, spraying for the color of the paint
  7,on the surface and through the tunnel flow leveling, drying
  8, spray, UV curing, and UV coating tie-in use 365 nm UV lamp light coating requirements according to the color quantity (800 ~ 1200 mj) curing moment
  9, shipment and check the packaging

UV coating processing characteristics

  1. The domestic original frequency conversion speed reducer drive chain.
  2. The equipment running smooth, uniform, no shaking;
  3. The speed of 0 to 15 m/min stepless adjustable. Can be adjusted according to the process requirements of spraying a chain running speed, improve the productivity.
  4. The machine spray tank made of stainless steel can carry more robots or reciprocating engine automatic spray.
  5. Electrical system mainly adopts imported programmable logic controller (PLC) and the man-machine interface (touch screen). A high degree of automation.
  6. Reasonable and efficient process configuration, not only lead to the optimal equipment performance, and environmental protection.