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The UV lamp seven main technical parameters

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The UV lamp seven main technical parameters

  In the UV equipment industry, the UV lamp belongs to the core parts, the stand or fall of the UV lamp also directly affect the operation of the UV curing machine, the following terms under UV lamp with which seven main technical parameters.

  UV lamp parameters #1: the UV lamp power supply voltage, usually the UV lamp voltage of 220 v, 380 v and 110 v application more is 220 v, and this is the voltage in our daily life, can stabilized voltage power supply, the UV machine have the effect of protection.

  UV lamp parameters # 2: the UV lamp working voltage, working voltage in the industry, also known as the tube pressure piping is at the ends of the tube voltage. The stability of the pipe pressure determines the normal work of the UV lamp and UV equipment.

  UV lamp parameter # 3: the UV lamp working current, commonly known as tube flow, current of high will directly affect the normal work of the UV lamp.

  UV lamp parameters # 4: the UV lamp starting current and starting current is to start the momentary high current when the UV lamp, as a result of the UV curing machine current meter starts the instant starting current is large, the manufacturer will also choose standard higher supporting current meter, more than 30 a current meter to avoid damage to the UV lamp when it is started.

  UV lamp parameters # 5: the UV lamp power density, the density refers to the per square centimeter can focus on the area of high energy.

  UV lamp parameters # 6: the UV lamp tube diameter, according to different manufacturers use the UV lamp and UV machine configuration when considering the size of tube diameter, diameter, because the diameter size is energy bulb, make integral configuration.

  UV lamp parameters # 7: the UV lamp pole pitch (shine), simply is the distance between the electrode and electrode the tubes, UV light solid machine pole pitch length will affect the effective UV lamp irradiation.

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