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General UV lamp fault reason analysis

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  General UV lamp fault reason analysis

UV lamp has fog produced what reason be?
If there is a fog is tube is:
(1) quartz tube problem, namely, to take off the hydroxyl is bad.
(2) or in the process of production exhaust is bad.
(3) and filling into the gas purity is not enough.
If there is a fog is outside the tube is: ink are attached to the wall, light oil gas volatiles, can try to wipe with alcohol and other solvents on a regular basis.

  B, the main reason for the deformation of the UV lamp, deformation after any adverse reaction?
UV lamp deformation is the main reason of the temperature is too high, slight deformation does not affect the normal use, but life will shorten a lot, severe deformation can make tubes one side wall thinning and fracture. Check whether the fan is damaged or the exhaust pipe is too long cause exhaust.

  C, UV lamp with a piece of a piece of crystal adsorption is how to return a responsibility?
UV lamp making process, the quartz tube cleaning not clean of impurities.
  D, UV lamp into a bubble, burst how to return a responsibility?
Local temperature is too high, or because local thin quartz tube wall, check whether the exhaust system is unobstructed.

  E, UV lamp, metal melt head always burn out is what reason?
A) metal lighting time is long, copper oxide, local poor contact cause too much electricity, lighter cause melting.
B) the new lamp is because the UV lamp molten metal head and fixtures are poor contact, virtual light caused by melting. Check fixtures are whether the copper contact oxidation, and check if there is a elastic springs.

  F, UV lamp use will not be able to light up a few hours (lamp is in good condition) is what reason?
If it is metal halogen lamp because halide matching degree is not appropriate, or transformer output is too low, or light pipe pressure is too high. If it is a mercury vapor may be the reason or the immanent quality of tube electrode, or lamp has a flat.

  G, UV lamp black on both ends is how to return a responsibility?
Flake is electrode powder, attached to the wall, use life is normal, but used to two hundred hours, will appear this kind of circumstance is not normal.
  H, UV lamp suddenly exposed to crack in use is what reason?
A) current is too large (such as capacitance short circuit)
B) suction there is dirt on the wall.
C) electrode molybdenum platinum bad sealing.

  I, the UV lamp in use process always pressure drop, can't back up is how to return a responsibility?
A) exhaust air is too large
B) the cold end temperature on electrode.
C) electric parameters of transformer, capacitor and tubes do not match.
D) the network voltage is too low, the transformer output voltage is too low.

  J, UV lamp using 300-500 hours, why in the wall out of the hand lines as the phenomena of the decorative pattern?
A) touched with the hand when installation lamp tube wall into the phenomenon.
B) the inside wall is a lamp, quartz tube cleaning is not clean.

  K, UV lamp current voltage are normal, but light is not normal, dark green and what is the reason?
(1) the lamp power parameters is not correct.
(2) tubes have a slow leak phenomenon.
(3) tube exhaust impurities during production.
(4) transformer with smaller.

  L, UV lamp can light up normally closed for the first time, but the point is not bright anymore after is how to return a responsibility?
If the capacitor and transformer are all in good condition, and the line open, no contact undesirable phenomenon (on both ends of the tube voltage), is the lamp itself, usually electrodes appear problem, have a flat or tubes.

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