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UV lamp should be how to maintenance and maintenance

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UV lamp should be how to maintenance and maintenance

A, UV lamp maintenance and maintenance
  UV lamp power to meet the requirements (generally for 8 0-120 w/cm); UV lamp's biggest life cannot be more than 1, 200 h, generally it is recommended to use 1 000 h; UV lamp use 500 h in time, maintain a period of time when using the two UV lamp can be used alternately, a 500 h for use, the other for the use of 500-000 h l between tubes; Tube cleaning and counterclockwise 1/4 weeks before using.

B, curing system testing
  Available energy meter measuring UV lamp output energy. With UV, IMAP waveform display to map the UV map, according to the UV map test curing system; If draw energy diagrams are pointed, curing system have no problem; If the top is round tip, shows the cover with dust; If the top is round, indicating lamp aging.

C, processing, maintenance and guarantee
  All quartz tubes in front of the package transportation will carefully cleaning steps. If handled with care, (for example: the lamp body without fingerprints), can be used when opened the package. If the direct contact with the tube with both hands, the application of deionized water or industrial alcohol slightly wet paper towels, carefully wipe the lamp, with a dry towel to dry bulb. According to the needs, should also be regularly clean tube and reflector. Especially when the tube surface is stained with more when other attachments should be clean. If cannot be handled in a timely manner, will lead to premature tube losing the transparency and will influence the working effect.
  The life of the tube is composed of many factors, such as the number of lamps, and working time after every lamps, operation data of electricity and heat as well as to the lamp is handled well. All mercury and metal halide lamp, if in normal operating conditions, will have their production quality assurance. The vast majority of water silver solid lamp will be according to the different situation, have different hours of work.

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