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The switch of the UV curing machine UV lamp maintenance

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The switch of the UV curing machine UV lamp maintenance matters needing attention

  Quality of life is dependent on the maintenance of mechanical equipment, no matter it is a good UV machine equipment, all must pass through good maintenance to use longer, today let small make up under the switch of the UV curing machine UV lamp maintenance knowledge of matters needing attention.
  Why would choose to switch the UV lamp, because the UV lamp is the core component of the UV curing machine, only maintain good to maintain it.
The first step to open the UV lamp, UV lamp note when the UV machine on the total power supply should, in turn, open the UV lamp, each lights intervals of not less than 1 minute, do not open at the same time.
  Second step off the UV lamp, shut the UV lamp should pay attention to is turn off UV lamp, then wait for 5 minutes and then close the cooling fan, and then shut off the main power supply, do not close when the UV lamp in close with the cooling fan, main purpose is to let the cooling tubes, used to make tubes for longer.
  The third step in the operation of the UV curing machine, if the parts need to switch the influence of the number of lights, note must be such as cooling after restarting, arranged or prone to failure.
  Step 4 the UV curing machine start up, do not immediately put into production, after turn on the light need tubes such as preheating time, preheating time will be determined according to the weather temperature, low temperature preheating time will lengthen, generally in two minutes.