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To introduce the types of UV lamp manufacturer for you

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Professional manufacturer to introduce the kinds of UV lamp for you

  UV lamp and often called ultraviolet lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, metal halogen lamp, electrodeless lamp, germicidal lamp
Range of application

  1) used for all kinds of photosensitive ink or photosensitive paint curing;
  2) with the company manufacturing curing system.

High pressure mercury lamp:
  Industrial use UV equipment used by the light source, mainly is the gas discharge lamp, mercury lamp). According to the size of the light pressure of the inner cavity is divided into low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure, superhigh pressure, industrial production of curing usually use high pressure mercury lamp (hot, the cavity pressure in the 0.1-0.5 / MPa).
High pressure mercury lamp radiation can produce strong 310 nm, 365 nm, 410 nm wavelength of characteristics of ultraviolet (UV) and visible light and infrared (IR) in which the wavelength of 365 nm for main is commonly used around the world, used for curing dry band (general appellation of "UV lamp" refers to the high pressure mercury lamp of 365 nm).

No ozone UV lamp:
  The UV lamp high-pressure mercury lamp has more superior performance: namely strong UV light at the same time, do not produce ozone, environmental protection, safety, human. Mainly on the basis of the high pressure mercury lamp, by changing the wall material components, as of below 200 nm wavelength ultraviolet light, and there is no impact for more than 200 nm UV light through, so as to avoid shortwave radiation to produce high concentrations of ozone, the use of environment and the operators, the UV lamp is one of the ideal product of more environmental protection.
The structure of the tube

Metal halide lamp
  Metal halogen lamp appearance as quartz, quartz internal, including mercury, argon and other rare earth metal elements, introduced here is: the iodide. Tube ends is composed of tungsten electrode and seal molybdenum sheet. This seal of conductor can be guaranteed to tubes work long time under the condition of the high current. Companies use a special welding procedure with molybdenum sheet will effectively on both ends of the electrodes and wires together. Lamp holder and lamp holder part is divided into metal or ceramic head two with lead.

The structure of the mercury uv lamp
  Mercury uv lamp is composed of high quality pure silica, can make uv heavily through high degree. Part of its tube ends DengGeng consists of vacuum sealing molybdenum sheet. Part of the electrode is pure tungsten needle and winding on the tungsten needle of thoriated tungsten. This design can be very beneficial to help the lamp light. We are in for a vacuum inside the tubes, adding inert gas. The whole process of strict monitoring to ensure that the content of mercury in air in the lamp and accurate. Finally, the sealed tube will be equipped with metal lamp holder, or ceramic head with wire and wire terminals.
Form a complete set of components
Magnetic flux leakage voltage apparatus
The trigger,
UV reflector,
Quartz filter

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