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Use uv germicidal lamp problems should be paid attention to

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Use uv germicidal lamp problems should be paid attention to

A and ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity of questions:
  The ultraviolet lamp 70 uw/cm2 (1 m distance) account for nearly 50 _80 %, control of the ministry of health disinfection requirements of technical specification, qualified rate of less than 50%. Some unit using ultraviolet germicidal lamp irradiation intensity is less than 70 uw/cm2 (1 m). Some even less than 40 uw/cm2 still in use. Want to know, each of these microorganisms has its specific uv kill dose threshold. The sterilization dose (K) is the light intensity (I) and irradiation time (t), the product of K =. It can be seen from the type of high strength and short time or low intensity light for a long time can get the same sterilizing effect. However, if the uv intensity is less than 40 uw/cm2, the longer exposure time also cannot have the sterilization effect of satisfaction, there's a microbial damage to fix the problem, deliberately in order to improve the light intensity is given priority to

B, the space range of ultraviolet irradiation:
  Many uv germicidal lamp unit using ignore the effective space of the ultraviolet irradiation range, only consider and calculate the irradiation plane area. Each space of the disinfection, in addition to the area factor, have high low, the total space have greatly small, use sterilization lamp should calculate the total cubic space adopts corresponding power uv germicidal lamp, a 30 w germicidal lamp effective sterilization space range should be less than 30 cubic meters, it is generally believed that the germicidal lamp power of each cubic meter of space should be more than 1-1.5 w, in use should be noticed.

C, hanging lamp irradiation distance:
Use sterilization lamp should be paid attention to by disinfection and sterilization lamp irradiation distance object, namely tube ride height should be less than 2.5 meters, some unit using tube ride height more than 2.5 meters, even greater than 3, 4 m. Is inversely proportional to the intensity of ultraviolet irradiation and irradiation distance is almost, hanging is too high, is bound to affect the effect of sterilization.

D, uv irradiation intensity decay problem:
  Ultraviolet germicidal lamp with longer duration of use, the irradiation intensity will gradually decline. Through measured in many ways, quartz tubes used after 1000 hours, the decline rate is less than 20%, and high boron tube to use after 200 hours, decline rate is greater than 30%, combined with high boron irradiation intensity of the lamp itself is less than 70 uw/cm2, so should choose quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamp in use.
Characteristics of quartz uv germicidal lamp, mainly irradiation intensity is high, slow decline. Quartz tube raw material is natural crystal, transparent purple rate above 80%, and high boron glass transparent purple rate is less than 50%, through the purple rate is low, low irradiation intensity.

E, the application should also be paid attention to in tubes of wiping and cleaning:
  When using the new lamp, can use first 75% alcohol gauze cleaning tube, remove dust and pollution of oil stains on tubes. In use process, wipe on a regular basis, to do a good job of cleaning tube, lest affect deeply purple rate and radiation intensity.

F, the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp also prevent ultraviolet radiation injury problems should be paid attention to:
  Main prevent ultraviolet ray to eye, face a radiation damage, especially attention to eye conjunctiva of radiation damage. After radiation injury of the face, eyes red and swollen, tears, and the sting and the electro-optic eye damage is more serious. After three or four days to heal. (one eye conjunctiva for ultraviolet radiation damage, can milk eye drops of choose and employ persons, half an hour at a time, three to four times better). To prevent methods: in order to avoid to face the light source is given priority to, in the measurement of the radiation intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamp review, with special irradiation intensity or sunglasses as a protective mask, protective goggles, but don't protective equipment made of quartz glass as raw materials, because of the quartz glass for ultraviolet transparent purple rate over 80%, and almost can't through to ultraviolet ray, ordinary glass can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation damage.

G, strengthening the intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamp irradiation monitoring:
  In the applications of ultraviolet disinfection is a vital work. Each unit using ultraviolet germicidal lamp in using, should be three to six months made a radiation meter strength testing, the department of health and epidemic prevention monitoring should be every six months a year (secondary) on the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp intensity monitoring unit, found insufficient strength of tubes should be replaced in a timely manner. Ultraviolet irradiation should be every year to make a measurement calibration, in order to make sure its accurate performance, monitoring of the irradiation intensity, required by the ministry of health in the technical specification test condition, voltage 220 v, 20 'C, RH temperature < 60% monitoring, turn on the light stability strength after five minutes of measured ultraviolet germicidal lamp irradiation intensity.

H, ultraviolet germicidal lamp should be paid attention to the influence factors of quality evaluation:
  Uv lamp quality evaluation criteria is based primarily on the ministry of health disinfection technical specifications, also is to the relevant provisions of the irradiation intensity. Lamp irradiation of strong poison accords with a requirement, also will have a satisfactory result of sterilization. However, the influence factors of radiation intensity of the light tube is so determined is various: the ministry of health disinfection test condition is in accordance with the technical specifications? The intensity of uv irradiation meter standard? Ballast power deviation? The quality of electric fluorescent starter? Intensity evaluation factors are tubes. Should be noticed in use.
  In addition, quartz glass tube on uv band: A glass, glass, B C glass and can through vacuum glass, of which 185 nm can produce ozone, but upon fused quartz glass tube, trace titanium oxide (0.01 0.05%) and 0.05% alumina, less than 200 nm cannot be absorbed through the walls in the ultraviolet ray, ozone concentration is too high, have A harm to human body, in with the working environment is A low ozone sterilization lamp. Ozone sterilization lamp, both high strength and irradiation, and have high concentrations of ozone, and without sterilization corner, disinfection effect is better, no personnel work environment can choose ozone sterilization lamp, in order to improve the effect of sterilization. In general, should according to different environment and need to choose different types of ultraviolet germicidal lamp.

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