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Solve the problem of UV equipment temperature overprint

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How to solve the UV machine, UV lamp temperature affect the overprint problem

  UV lamp high temperature causes substrates (gold and silver cardboard, laser cardboard, plastic), high temperature thermal deformation caused by inaccurate overprint supporting problem because offset printing machine such as UV machine caused by inappropriate choice, the UV machine is normal conventional UV machine, is used by conventional UV lamp, conventional UV lamp using domestic low purity impurities more luminous electrode, filling the lower glowing gas purity, must be large current to start the UV lamp, and a humble backward production technology, production costs are low and produce the UV lamp luminous intensity is low, light current is big, high luminous temperature, substrates heating temperatures as high as 80-90 ℃ in print heat deformation to overprint, also cannot high-speed light solid drying UV ink and UV light oil, the UV lamp application in overprint generally low slow screen printing production, not adapt to the high requirements of high-speed offset printing production.

  UV lamp temperature overprint problem must choose to offset printing special low-temperature high-speed UV machine, high speed at low temperature using UV lamp UV machine is imported new advanced low temperature high intensity UV lamp, low temperature high intensity UV lamp is a kind of using high purity light emitting electrode, accurate filling the proportion of high purity glowing gas, with high-end technology process to produce low current high strength and high pressure mercury lamp, and parameter matching of power used in combination, can produce is suitable for the 365 nm UV light solid ink drying temperature high strength light, luminous intensity than with conventional high temperature and low intensity of UV light intensity parameter high power more than 100%, thus can make UV ink and UV light oil of high speed light solid drying, and because of the low light current, fever reduce the tubes, light temperature by more than 40%, lower than the conventional UV lamp substrates heated temperature 45 ℃, without water cooling can have the light solid drying effect of low temperature high speed, shantou south China machinery co., LTD. Production of offset printing low-temperature high-speed UV machine use imported the most advanced low temperature high intensity UV lamp, on the offset printing UV printing process realized the low temperature high speed light solid drying good performance of high efficiency and energy saving province electricity, gold and silver cardboard, laser printing paper, plastic, such as print multicolor overprint accurate, light solid drying can synchronize with offset press the printing speed, recognized and welcomed by the masses of users.

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