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UV lamp on both ends of the black and the reasons for the ag

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UV lamp on both ends of the black and the cause of aging in parsing

  Shenzhen sankun technology UV lamp professional manufacturers in parsing the UV lamp black on both ends.
On both ends of the UV lamp black usually appear when used to normal life, it is normal phenomenon. And poor quality of the UV lamp to use controlled hours will be black on both ends, used to reap a hour is most responsible for the body is black. On the contrary, the quality is good UV lamp use to more than 1000 hours will appear slightly dark ends phenomenon, by adjusting the line speed to extend the time of exposure, still can continue to use, the processing speed of demanding coating line timely replacement.
  Therefore, UV lamp black appear on both ends of the use of time, also commonly used for judgment bulb lifespan, a way of quality.
  From making case, quartz glass containing impurities with hydroxyl (OH), aluminum, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, cobalt, boron, etc., generally less than 0.02%, the total impurities of impurities in the hardest is hydroxyl (OH), potassium and sodium. Hydroxyl (OH) in the process of lamps quartz in high temperature condition, the penetration in the lamp, and the permeability increases with temperature rise. To infiltrate inside the tubes, the hydroxyl in the arc under the action of high temperature decomposition into water, hydrogen and oxygen. The water cycle in the lamp, tungsten electrodes on both ends of the tube handling, attached to the wall, where it appears black phenomenon, make the light start difficult to accelerate light aging. On both ends of the UV lamp black usually appear when used to normal life, it is normal phenomenon, the opposite is tubes quality problems.
  In addition, potassium, sodium, under the action of high temperature quartz crystallization, make it opaque quartz, thus the light emitted light is absorbed by the quartz glass crystal, light aging. So good ventilated, make the light tube terminals in the best working state, the temperature is below 500 ℃, can improve the service life of the lamp.
  In use should be paid attention to the following:
  A, transformer parameters and parameters to match the tubes, voltage, current should not exceed design index. Especially the starting voltage is unfavorable and exorbitant, generally does not exceed 40% of the design work voltage.
  B, keep the wall clean, especially to remove oil stains, dust. Because the wall surface infiltration of these substances in the high temperature tube, prevent ultraviolet radiation.
  C, ventilation, scientific and reasonable. Ventilation rate is calculated by the science, the purpose is sucked out the heat generated by the UV lamp tubes, the lamps work under normal temperature environment, not the lower the temperature, the better. Ventilation to keep lamp holder temperature under 150 ℃. Additional light boxes in line with the reasonable air volume, sensors, box shell temperature below 90 ℃.

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