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The core component of UV machine, UV lamp

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The core component of UV machine, UV lamp

The core component of UV equipment that UV lamp (UV light)

  The source of the name of the UV lamp
UV concept
  UV ultraviolet is English (Ultra - Violet Ray) abbreviation, industrial UV light source spectral range is 200 nm to 450 nm, 365 nm as the center. According to the different wavelengths, respectively, uv-a, UV - B, they all have their own different USES UV -c.
  1, low pressure UV lamp is mainly used for sterilization, the sterilization lamp UV - B also is mainly used for UV test, medical treatment, etc.
  2, strong UV high pressure mercury lamp made from high quality pure quartz tube, UV to high degree and the penetration, the arc length/light length can be ranged from 5 cm to 300 cm, common power 30 w to 200 w per cm, super power UV lamp is in commonly 200 w per cm or more, the light spectrum range between 350-450 nm, the main peak is 365 nm, has more than 700 varieties, the power of 100 w
To 25 kw.

The UV curing
  UV Curing in the English language called UV Curing or UV Coating, UV Curing is photochemical reaction, namely liquid UV radiation Curing materials printed or coated substrates or workpiece surface, after UV light to realize the process of hardening, UV Curing and conventional drying process are similar, but different principle, the traditional dry by evaporation of the solvent in the Coating materials commonly and form hardening, and UV Curing cross-linking, no solvent evaporation.

The definition of the UV lamp
  UV lamp for gas discharge lamp, gas discharge lamp is divided into arc discharge and glow discharge, is commonly used in UV curing UV lamp for arc discharge lamp, its working principle is: the join in the quartz tube of vacuum quantitative of high purity mercury (mercury), providing the voltage difference on both ends of the electrode (pressure drop), discharge produced ions, produced by UV radiation. UV lamp power to meet the requirements (generally for 8 0-120 w/cm); The UV lamp is one of the biggest life no more than 1, 200 h, generally it is recommended to use 1 000 h; UV lamp use 500 h in time, maintain a period of time the two UV lamp can be used alternately, when using a 500 h for use, the other for the use of 500 000 h a l between tubes; Tube cleaning and counterclockwise 1/4 weeks before using.

The intensity of the UV lamp
  The intensity of UV light depends on the UV lamp power density, common specifications are:
80 w/cm which is 200 w/inch
120 w/cm which is 300 w/inch
160 w/cm which is 400 w/inch
240 w/cm which is 600 w/inch

UV chy-tech a choice
  Good job to ensure the normal order of the UV lamp need to ensure that the following elements: a. choose matching lighting power supply, the auxiliary magnetic flux leakage transformer, capacitor to consistent with UV lamp required voltage/current, the rated power of the magnetic flux leakage transformer secondary working voltage/current / / compression degree and the capacity of the capacitor insulation coefficient/pressure/can discharge frequency, directly determines the luminous efficiency of the UV lamp/stability and life; B. fan to accord with the UV lamp power adapter, note: no strong winds to supply air cooling tube surface, otherwise the surface temperature is too low will cause arcing arranged lights out. C. to choose a suitable reflector: UV lamp shade custom standard for concentrated lampshade lampshade.

The life of the UV lamp
  Generally refers to its can maintain enough energy for operation time, during which the attenuation of energy gradually until below the acceptable range, the general standard of the UV lamp that emits sufficient UV energy up to 800 hours, import UV lamp life can reach more than 1500, because of its long service life can be cured, is widely used for bamboo and wood floor, furniture, decoration materials, printing, printing cans, plastic coating, panels, circuit boards, CD, etc; And semiconductor, electronic components, such as liquid crystal adhesive curing the ideal light source.

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