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Uv and uv ink and uv equipment related features

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Uv and uv ink and uv equipment related features

  Today to talk about the uv and related characteristics of uv ink and uv equipment, this a few is the uv industry popular thing, interest is relatively high, just like the uv curing machine, and all these things can't depart from the support of the uv lamp.

  A, uv ultraviolet light:
  Because the uv ultraviolet light is invisible to the naked eye, but ultraviolet light will produce an electromagnetic radiation, the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation is calculated nanometer (nm), the greater the numerical range is wide, on the uv equipment using wavelength basically has the following kinds of 253.7 nm and 303 nm, 334 nm, 365 nm, 366.3 nm, 365 nm and 366.3 nm line-spectrum holds great advantage, ultraviolet (uv) used in industrial production, the international general use uva rays (uv-a) wavelengths in the uv - works best when A area of about 365 nm, is recognized in the industry, the national unity.

  B, uv ink:
  Uv printing is a professional printing technology, has the very big difference with ordinary printing, uv printing need to specify the ink, the ink is called the uv printing ink, relative to ordinary ink, uv ink has more than its properties, such as uv ink without uv light is not dry, it is equal to the uv printing ink after open also won't kill, but not a normal ink, after open if you don't pay attention to the seal, will kill. Uv ink basically has the following several kinds of ingredients, monomer, pigments, additives, polymer, such as sensitizer namely light starting agent, compared with the ordinary ink uv ink can reflect the value of high-grade printing more, which is brought about by the pursuit of people's lives improve.

  C, uv product areas:
  Uv use is very wide, uv glue, paint, printing ink and other products, generally by ultraviolet radiation, produce curing. Uv products need to cooperate to complete curing, uv light solid machine can achieve the result.

  D, the benefits of uv equipment:
  The uv equipment for the enterprise benefits a lot, enterprise profit and cost, so the quality of human and the two pieces of also have decided the enterprise profit, the uv equipment is fully automated equipment, through the equipment for uv curing can reduce the waste of human resources for the enterprise, at the same time can guarantee quality, quality promotion play a role for the enterprise, good quality after-sales is easy. Environmental benefits more widely, not only can promote a good impression to the enterprise, the social from all walks of life also play a certain role in promoting environmental protection.

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