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UV machine fault reason and analysis

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UV curing machine UV equipment UV machine fault reason and analysis

  In use process, UV curing machines will run into some problems more or less, the reason may be improper operation, may also be a UV curing machine accessories itself, UV lamp, transformer as the core component of the UV curing machine, the main failure will reflect on both counts, sankun technology to analysis the UV curing machine for you now possible fault reason and solution.

A, UV lamp not bright or self-extinguishing
One reason analysis: the UV lamp aging
Solution: replace the UV lamp.
Analyze reason # 2: air cooling is not enough.
Solution: dredge pipe, clean up the fan rotor sundry.
The analysis reason # 3: the power supply voltage is lower than 10%.
Solution: increase the voltage.

B, UV lamp brightness
Analysis of reasons: uv lamp aging.
Solution: replace the UV lamp.

C, transformer temperature high (> 95 ℃)
One reason analysis: 1. The power supply voltage is higher than 10%.
The solution: to reduce the input voltage, strengthen ventilated.
Analyze reason # 2: poor ventilation around the machine.
The solution: cleaning dredge machine environment.

D closed after UV curing machine, UV lamp does not automatically power off
Analysis of reasons: damage of decelerator.
Solution: replace the decelerator.

E, mesh belt running deviation
Analysis: mesh belt uneven tightness.
Solution: readjust mesh belt adjustment screw.

F, drum sound
Analysis of reasons: bearing damage.
Change solution: change the bearing.

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