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UV machine basic technological process

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UV machine basic technological process
  Today by sankun technology and you talk about basic process, UV machine sankun technology has 8 years of experience in the development and manufacture UV machine, in the field of machinery and equipment industry and UV curing technology play a leading status, more customers are known as the "one-stop"   manufacturers.
  UV machine in the production process, production of raw materials through processing into finished products after referred to as a process.
  UV machine process including frame cutting manufacturing, spare parts processing, machine parts installation, quality inspection, power match and debugging, etc.
And in order to ensure the normal UV machine process on the need for iron, tools, UV light, power switch machine, mesh belt must first check is good, be safe.
  Method in the process, to the production process in accordance with the specified order, step by step to change, make the basic raw materials into semi-finished products, by combination become finished products, semi-finished products again this process can be referred to as the basic technological process UV machine. In after the installation is complete, the technical personnel will be tested on UV light solid machine, test including power supply, the voltage is normal work, UV lamp light and light intensity are in good condition, such as mesh belt speed is normal, when after the processes of the UV machine production is completed.

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