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UV - LED point light source technology features

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  UV - LED point light source technology characteristics and application

  UV - LED point light source definition

  UV LED point light source is the UV - a kind of LED light source, point source is a luminous mode. UV - LED point light source is through the special design of the optical lens set of output with a narrow UV light, meet the sealing side, printing and other fields of production needs. Point light source has a very long life, cold light source, no radiation, life is not affected by opening and closing times uniform irradiation, high energy, improve the production efficiency, does not contain toxic substances than the traditional light source safer, more environmentally friendly.

UV - LED point light source illuminate machine features
  A small, thermal radiation, LED light-emitting devices peaks at 365 nm, spectral distribution of 360 nm to 370 nm, no infrared light, so the surface of the product by illuminate no temperature increases, and the traditional LAMP type ultraviolet light machine generally make illumination products surface rises 60-90 ℃, make the product positioning of displacement, bad product.
  B, a high-energy ultraviolet light, using the latest high-energy 365 nm uv LED, fast complete uv glue curing, greatly improve production efficiency.
  C, reduce material cost, the use of time generally can reach 25000-25000 hours, and the traditional LAMP irradiation machine need to replace tubes in about 2000 hours. Use cable output, can reduce the cost of technological equipment for you, improve equipment utilization.
D, energy conservation, environmental protection, the power consumption of about 50 w, when used without preheating of the tubes, instantaneous high power up to 100%, excluding toxic mercury, also won't produce ozone, is to replace the traditional light source of a safer, more environmentally friendly option.
  E, design of small volume, the volume of controller is about 1/8 of the traditional LAMP irradiation machine volume, make installation easier. Small irradiation head design, fully consider the space requirements of precision production, the installation of equipment is more convenient.
  F, equipment can be used in different process, according to the actual situation needs, users can be equipped with an external extension cable itself.
  G, unique fan cooling, quickly put the chip heat discharge, improve the power output stability, prolong the service life of the LED.

UV - LED point light exposure machine is mainly used

Hard drive head assembly (gold wire fixation, bearing, coil, chip bonding, etc.)
Motor and components assembly (wire, coil fixed coil end fixed, PTC/NTC component adhesive, protection of transformer core)
DVD/digital camera, lens, lens paste, circuit board reinforcement)
Sensor production (gas sensors, photoelectric sensor, optical fiber sensor, photoelectric encoder, etc.)
Mobile phone components assembly (camera, headphones, microphone, shell, LCD module, touch screen coating, etc.)
TFT - LCD panel irrigation crystal encapsulation
TFT - LCD board FPC paste encapsulation
PCB industry LED VU light curing applications
Optical industry - ST - LED UV light curing applications
Optical element assembly (lens, prism, optical engine assembly, COD, COMS)
Optical communication industry LED UV light curing applications
Yuan source device (PLC road, WDM WDM, array waveguide grating AWG) various glass encapsulation structure adhesive or potting, tiny components such as fixed.
Scientific research and institutions - ST - LED UV light curing applications
Medical equipment LED UV light curing applications